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Mechanically-Correct Doesn’t Mean Just One Model…

BubbaLest anyone think that I am claiming with my “MCS” model, I have discovered the only way to swing a golf club or anything like what you here from the golf swing gurus about “their” own swing models.

If a swing is mechanically-sound or correct, then of course you will see certain things in it – for example, you need a free and full hip turn without any attempt to restrict it, for a swing to be mechanically-correct.

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Just Stupid… Modern Golf Is Stupid… Rant Warning

tiger woodsI have to say, these guys are either completely insane or just plain dumb.  There’s no other option for it.

I mean, how many times do you have to do the same thing over expecting different results, and here’s an even more pertinent question – how many times do you have to talk about the “old days” without realizing you’re missing something, in order to just be not that bright?

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New Tiger Woods Swing – More Hip Turn, Still Planted & Powerless

tiger-instagramIf you hear that Tiger Woods hit a 360 yard drive yesterday, just remember it was downhill, downwind, and that Mike Weir once had a 400 yard drive recorded on the Plantation Course in Hawaii… just saying…

Because I just got a look at the new Tiger Woods swing with a driver, and it’s – I am trying to find something positive here – not as bad as before, albeit with a lot less power than he used to have.

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Dropping The Hammer – That Feeling Of Power

mike dunaway impactHere is one thing to give anyone who feels they lack power, a bit of hope – you don’t have to have extraordinary athletic skill, nor do you have to build tons of muscle, in order to give your golf swing more power.

It is all in the mechanics, and of course, someone who swings with mechanical-correctness will have an advantage, but there are also tons of swingers/players out there who put good power on the ball – at the expense of their bodies.

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Thanks For Being There – 2017 Is Nearly Here!

stancesI don’t have much to say today, except to thank new readers and old for being here and for reading these words.

I have been preoccupied with the projects I’ve mentioned since the end of the summer (the upcoming Amazon eBook, MCS Beyond Perfect Pivot video, which is the last of any video I will produce for my Wax Golf followers, and any future Amazon video project), and I haven’t had much time to reflect on the coming year, which I believe will be special.

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My MCS eBook For Amazon Is Nearly Completed

the-mcs-golf-swingI mentioned back at the end of the summer that I was going to publish my future golf swing material on Amazon after I completed the “MCS Short Game” and “MCS – Beyond Perfect Pivot” videos.

The initial project was delayed due to my having to actually finish the Short Game and then begin work on the Beyond PP.

That said, my first eBook on the golf swing for Amazon is nearly completed, and I hope to publish around the beginning of December.

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Michelle Wie Not Finished With The Madness

wie-addressIt’s been a while since Michelle Wie last won an event (nearly 2.5 years since her 2014 U.S. Open win), and she appears more likely to continue her ride on the injury train than to return to winning form anytime soon.

It’s a maddening thing to watch someone with such obvious and lofty athletic ability (like Tiger Woods in better days) absolutely wrecking their bodies with improper technique, and when targettom sent me the below Instagram clip, I felt a headache coming on.

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More Modern Swing Fail – Ariya Jutanugarn, Rory McIlroy “Swing Like Girls”

Britain Golf Womens OpenI was browsing through GolfDigest, wondering what horrors I would find within the current online edition, and I wasn’t disappointed – and I don’t think GD will ever ask me to contribute to their content, which would be more a compliment than insult at this point.

I found yet more Modern Golf Swing “Fail!” in the form of a nonsensical analysis of how to “swing like a girl,” wherein more examples are given of male swingers (3) than of female (zero, which sort of reverses destroys the assertion, don’t you think?), and of course the accompanying bafflegab that you come to expect from modern swing circles.

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Rookie Mackenzie Hughes (Canadian) Wins On Tour!

mackenzie-hughesIt’s been a long time since the last win by a Canadian in a PGA Tour event (I believe the last time was Mike Wier in 2007),  (correction – Nick Taylor won the Sanderson Farms Championship in November 2014, and I don’t know why I have no recollection of this event), but rookie Tour player Mackenzie Hughes has taken the RSM Classic in a playoff this morning.

A 2-time Canadian Amateur Champion (hello, Moe Norman!), he also becomes the first Tour rookie in 20 years to go wire-to-wire for a win.  All in all, a great showing from the Dundas, Ontario native.

He joins fellow Canuck Brooke Henderson of the LPGA Tour as another hot young player from North of the border.

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MCS Videos Will Be Unavailable Soon…

newmcs-logo2If you have been planning to download any of the available MCS videos, please be advised that they will all be removed and will be unavailable after the New Year.

The reason? Of course, it’s because I will be transitioning to offering MCS Swing Theory on Amazon, and it doesn’t make much sense to have multiple sites offering essentially the same thing, so anything offered here on Wax Golf after the New Year will be whatever is on Amazon… and it will not be anything that I have removed from downloading on this site.

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