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Dustin Johnson’s Swing Numbers (Still 185mph+ Ball Speed)

dustin-johnson-numbersI don’t get why GolfDigest is so breathless about Dustin Johnson’s driver numbers when they are largely the same as they were over a year and a half ago.

If you were around at the beginnning of 2015, you’ll remember that TaylorMade had a commercial out showing that Dustin was getting really good numbers with his Aero Burner¬†driver, and let’s compare the numbers on two drives from then, and now.

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MCS Is More Important As You Get Older – But ALSO For The Young

jason dayThis is the great danger and and tragedy of how the modern golf swing has damaged countless swingers’ bodies over the years – it is easy to get someone swinging in the planted-heel manner when they are extremely young and pliable, and even though they are doing damage to themselves, it’s not noticeable yet

Tiger Woods blamed normal youthful playing about as the reason for his degenerated left knee, which required surgery even before he turned pro (many people think his knee only became a problem in the 2000’s, but it was an issue when he was in college, believe it or not).

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The MCS Swing Bottom – Consistency, Consistency…

swing bottoms golfOriginally Posted August 4, 2015 – Re-posted because you need this swing bottom to “drop the hammer.”

The name of the game with the golf swing is consistency. ¬†It doesn’t matter how far you can hit a ball, nor even how accurately you can hit a ball, if you can’t do it consistency.

In golf, you score when you put the ball where you want it for the next shot, more or less – and when you don’t put that ball where you want it, bad things are likely to happen – or at least things will happen that aren’t optimal.

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