“How to Stripe Your Irons like Bryson DeChambeau”?!?!

bryson dechambeau addressThis is not to slam poor Bryson Dechambeau, who is, I’m sure, as chagrined by his lack-luster play since turning pro as I am confused by the use of his anything to show people proper form.

I mean, you’re looking at a man who missed as many cuts as he made (5 out of 10 events) in his first season as a pro, and who had exactly one Top-10 finish in that time period (and who, if you need more, has played and missed the cut once in the new ’17 season, which would mean he’s now missed more cuts than he’s made since turning pro).

However, Dom DiJulia, writing for Golf.com (perhaps it’s a comedy piece, I don’t know), is saying you should do it like Bryson, for some reason.

The piece is actually called “How To Stripe Your Irons Like Bryson Dechambeau,” and since I didn’t recall anything about Bryson other than his penchant for missing cuts as a pro, I went to take a quick look at his stats…

bryson dechambeau address

And then I had to go back to check the date of Dom’s posting (October 9, 2016), because he either wrote this a year ago or has yet to check… Bryson’s ball-striking stats… but the date is from 3 weeks ago, so I don’t know what to tell you.

Bryson didn’t have official status last season, so he gets no ranking on his stats, but let’s take a look at what he did last year:

Greens In Regulation – if you’re “striping your irons,” one would assume that you’re going to clean up in this category.

But Bryson’s average in GIR last year while unranked was 59.5%, which would have ranked him at 201st in Tour stats.

201st… roll that around in your mouth for a bit before you swallow it…

If anyone has a better stat for measuring one’s potential “striping” factor, I’d love to know what it is, but this one can’t be it.

Then there’s this from Dom:


Through impact, Bryson’s legs snap almost dead straight. It’s a massive power boost. The trick is to push your feet into the ground, not just lock your knees. You know how pros talk about swinging from the ground up? This is it.

facepalm statue

Again with the “swinging from the ground up” or “using the ground” while swinging – first of all, could someone explain to me exactly how fellows like Jack Nicklaus and Sam Snead swung, if they weren’t “swinging from the ground up?”

DJ: What the hell does that even mean?  There has never been a golfer of which I know who didn’t stand upon and use the ground as a base from which to swing.  This is simple and utter garbage… let’s carry on.

If you remember the last time I nearly choked on my morning coffee while reading about Bryson Dechambeau, it was when Kyle Porter was raving about the “sound” B.D.’s contact made… and I was forced to point out that, besides the fact that B.D. was “M.I.A.” since turning pro, there was this awkward bit of stat business:

And long?

As in, around 75th in driving distance long?

And accuracy?

Currently at 56% and 59% in Fairways and Greens hit?

Just to point out, Bryson had enough rounds played, his 56% driving accuracy would have him around 105th on Tour, and 59% Greens hit in regulation… around 195th

Dechambeau, I pointed out, was the size of Jordan Spieth, and while both are considered athletic at 6″-6″-1′, they are both painfully short hitters, so there’s no power of which to speak, either in term of any “sound” being produced at impact, nor in any striping” regard.

I don’t like being negative, but there is so little positive in the world of Modern Golf, from the hokey and fraudulent claims being made about the swing model and power production, to the laughable “examples” the average golfer is given upon which to build a swing.

There are so many powerful swingers you could look at, so I have no clue why these writers are scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with these ridiculous articles.

I’m sorry to say, if you’re looking for a proper swing, Bryson Dechambeau, who couldn’t earn his card playing on the Tour (he earned his status for this year by winning a Nationwide event in their replacement of the old “Q School”), is not it.

This concludes your public service posting for the week.

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10 thoughts on ““How to Stripe Your Irons like Bryson DeChambeau”?!?!

  1. targettom

    He withdrew this week after shooting a quad snowman on hole #1 at the Bridgestone Open in Japan. No reason available online, but one might well suspect injury for a guy in his 20’s to quit so early in a tournament, esp. one that costs so much to participate in.

    He is ranked 112th in the world. Perhaps they are running out of people to profile, or they did it because he’s an oddity. I note that at golf forums like GolfWRX there is very little understanding of the classic swing and strong resistance to discussing it intelligently. Let those with eyes to see and ears to hear prosper while the rest hurt themselves. It’s a personal choice.

    1. D Watts Post author

      It’s funny you mention that, targettom, because I ran across that Golf.com article trying to find out if he was playing anywhere this week, and nothing about his WD at the Bridgestone Open came up.

      Nothing. I actually had to Google “Bridgestone Open Japan” to even find the leaderboard!

      Thanks for the tip.

      Dechambeau did WD on his 10th hole, the 1st, after a snowman. He WD’d at +6 through 10 on a Japanese Tour setup… gotta be an injury, or he WD’d because he forgot how to play golf…


  2. Mike Divot

    Nuthin’ against our pal Bryson. He’s living the dream after all, so good luck to him.

    But that article … when I was younger I used to devour those golf magazines. Until after years, the penny dropped and I realized they were filled with so much hokum. But I would have read that article and said to myself, okay, so maybe THAT’S the thing I haven’t been doing … coz I sure as hell don’t “stripe” the ball … oh, I would have tried that secret move and snapped my leg etc etc for sure.

    Until the next month when someone else’s secret power move was revealed. Probably being the exact opposite. (“Caress the ball for more power … sink into the ground with soft dancer’s knees.”)

    I think Bryson, as opposed to say (picks random name from money list) David Hearn, has novelty value, what with his clubs all being the same length. (Hey … maybe THAT’S the thing I’ve been missing …)

    Those golf magazines must know that they lead gullible golfers down the wrong path. They have editorial standards. What are their instructional standards? Where are their “instructional editors”? What are they doing? Anything?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Instructional standards, MD? Instructional editors?

      Would it be cynical of me to suggest that they’re doing exactly what they have always done, which is to turn the reader around in circles and therefore require even more tips, thereby ensuring more sales of future editions?

      Surely, they wouldn’t be that dishonest

  3. targettom

    Maybe the golf swing is a total mystery to them. Oh wait, they’re supposed to be experts aren’t they? Personally I have no interest in any of the golf magazines. They are irrelevant, now wonder circulation is down. What was it that Pogo guy said? ;- )

    1. Laser

      “Maybe the golf swing is a total mystery to them.”

      –You nailed it, targettom. But, they’re not alone. As DJ wrote, “If you listen to anyone talk about the swing, even the best ball-strikers ever, you’ll do so at your own peril, as many of the greatest swingers had no clue exactly what they were doing.”

      But, I did notice an improvement in a recent GOLF magazine (gift subscription!) — they made the print smaller. That way, they have more room for ads.

      1. D Watts Post author

        If they make the print too small to read, then it will be a vast improvement on the article, Laser 😉

  4. Patrick Wagneur

    When cobra may produce 1 million same length irons per month (82 millions golfers in the world), Dechambeau will win everything. Not before. He is not crazy. Think about it.

    1. D Watts Post author

      No, he has status on the Tour, Jess – he qualified for it by winning a Web.com playoff event a few weeks ago, which is where you likely heard that tour being mentioned in conjunction with his name.

      However, the way he’s playing, that’s where he’s likely to end up next season! 😉

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