Rory McIlroy Showing How It’s Done – Crazy Driver Stats!

rory mcilroyIt looks like Rory McIlroy is finally getting some proper equipment (I mean, who really plays Nike clubs without being paid to do it?), and the results are spectacular.

Rory Mac is one of the longest drivers on the PGA Tour, and he’ll be moving up on that list, if these numbers below carry out… and if you want to know how he’s doing it – athletic talent counts for a lot, but if you haven’t noticed this, you haven’t been paying attention!

Thanks to targettom for sending me the following link to Dan Bier’s post at on the news and the fabulous numbers:

Writes Dan:

Rory has always been one of the longest drivers on tour, but this seems to be getting ridiculous. Since Nike announced their departure from golf’s hard-goods business, the 27-year-old Ulsterman has been granted the ultimate professional freedom to choose equipment that’s best suited for his game, and it appears he might have found a winner.

According to a report by Chris Solomon at No Laying Up, Rory is planning to put TaylorMade’s M2 driver and fairway metals in play next week at the World Golf Championships-HSBC Champions in China.

And check out these numbers!


Now bear in mind that this appears to be one drive and not an average of several (marketing is marketing, after all), but even on one drive, this is impressive if true.

What jumps out at me right away is Rory’s Smash-factor on this drive, 1.495 (I rounded to the 3rd decimal), which is nearly perfect (perfect would be 1.50).

As for the carry distance, yes, that’s what you’re going to get with numbers like +2.2 attack angle (meaning he’s making contact with an upward impact).

Also, take a look at the +1.4 club path (that means he’s just slightly inside-out to the right at impact) combined with a -1.6 face to path – that means he’s swinging out to the right with a +1.4 degree path (dead straight down the line would be 0.0 of course), and his face is closed -1.6 degrees to that path, which means at impact, his club face is -0.2 degrees closed – that is virtually dead square.

That would mean he would be shaping gorgeous little push-draws that end up just left of where he’s aiming.

Why would that be?

Remember the 2-1 rule of shot-shaping – if Rory’s club face is closed to his path by -1.6 degrees, his ball will move or shape twice that factor.

Example: Meaning, if his face is practically square to the target line, and the ball starts out on a path (and I’m just throwing out a figure here, not scientific) to create a push 2 yards to the right of his target line, the ball will draw 4 yards, ending up about 2 yards left of his target line… and if you can do that on demand, with either a draw or a fade, the world is your oyster.

So yes – a ball struck with +2.2 degrees at attack angle, launched at 11 degrees, would have reduced backspin, and a baby push-draw would carry longer than a straight or faded drive, with the added benefit of being hot and getting more run.

In short – these numbers are to kill for, but let’s see if that was a one-off drive that suits TaylorMade’s marketing purposes, or if Rory can actually replicate these numbers consistently off the tee.

As per targettom on his experience trying out the M2 driver:

I find the new TM drivers are like a cannon when hit well, but not very forgiving. They also have a dead feeling esp. off-centre.

So, if Rory actually can replicate these numbers consistently off the tee… his mark of 4 majors may rise in the coming season!


5 thoughts on “Rory McIlroy Showing How It’s Done – Crazy Driver Stats!

  1. bigtoilet

    As I have said before, hitting slightly up will continue to become the norm as new players come onto the TOUR. Players will always look to launch drivers as optimally as possibly for greater distance. Chicks did the long ball.

  2. targettom

    My wife just traded her M2 driver for the Callaway XR16. I tried it today, and even though it has a regular shaft it was as good as my M1. Maybe even better sometimes.So that is a nice alternative for anyone looking for a new stick

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’ve still got my TM RBZ driver, which I bought brand new from Golf Town for a song back in January of ’13 because the next model was coming out hot on hits heels.

      Was good for me then, still good for me now!

  3. Jonas

    Nice of you to tip us on the new drivers, targettom.

    I’m going to try out some clubs later in the week and I’ll be sure to try out that Callaway as well.

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