Once Again… Mike Dunaway (Compare The Leading Foot)

mike dunaway impactYou’ll recall my mentioning Ryan Steenberg’s flying left foot and anchored right foot in my analysis of his swing.

That is about the only flaw, as I said, that you can find in his action, and Jamie Sadlowski, as mentioned by HKGolf, had the same issue, along with the PGA Tour’s Charlie Beljan.

If you want to see a solid down swing sequence and very stable leading foot through impact, you only have to look at the father of modern long drive, Mike Dunaway, and how he was able to hit drives of 375 yards with the old Callaway Big Bertha stainless head driver with a standard shaft.

This swing was so smooth, it defied belief, but as Dunaway is a holder of the LDA Lifetime Achievement Award, it wasn’t hype – he was for real, and in fact, Greg Norman (widely considered to be the best driver of all time with persimmon, when you combine accuracy, length and consistency) called him the greatest driver of the ball ever.

Mike Dunaway Swings

So, you don’t have to jump, or slip and slide or do anything unorthodox to drive a long ball.


dunaway ds

When you see that stuff, those things are compensations, not power producers, whatever the analysts on television will tell you.


jamie sadlowski

That is why I instituted the mechanical action of Dunaway’s downswing action with the low-heel impact in the MCS “Perfect Pivot” swing model, to go with Ben Hogan’s leg and hip back swing pivot action (the “pefect pivot,” mechanically-speaking).

Because if the greatest driver ever looked so smooth doing it, then you know he was doing it correctly!

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hogan pivot

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