I Hate To Say “I Told Ya So…”

tiger woods**Thanks to BT for the tip on this – I was enjoying a quiet Thanksgiving Monday with the family

But what else is there to say when you get a whiff of that “Tiger is flushing it, hitting it a mile, as good as his ’01 Tiger Slam days” hilarity and then within less than a week, it’s announced that he’s WD’ing from his first scheduled event in more than a year?

Other than saying, “well, well, well,” there isn’t much, is there?

I mean, you could simply take one of the last paragraphs from my previous posting on Tiger Woods’ imminent return to action and you’ll know that prediction is not so much being clairvoyant but merely looking at things with an unbiased eye:

I’d be willing to guess that Tiger’s return will be more like the last we saw of him, than anything close to what he was doing in 2001.

That’s just common sense.

From Timothy Rapp at the BleacherReport:

Tiger Woods is withdrawing from the 2016 Safeway Open, announcing the decision in a statement on his website:

“After a lot of soul searching and honest reflection, I know that I am not yet ready to play on the PGA TOUR or compete in Turkey. My health is good, and I feel strong, but my game is vulnerable and not where it needs to be…”

Tim Rosaforte of the Golf Channel (via Ryan Lavner) was the first to report the news, with Sam Weinman of Golf Digest providing more information behind the decision.

Weinman wrote Monday: “According to Woods’ confidante Notah Begay III, Woods, who underwent two back surgeries last year, is physically healthy, but concerns about his short game were enough to force him to postpone a return.”

“His game wasn’t where he wanted it to be,” Begay said on the Golf Channel, per Weinman.

If you believe any of that, you’re better than I, because I don’t buy it for a minute.


Because I have extreme difficulty following the logic that a man who would have spent months rehabbing from back surgery (meaning that for months, all he would have been able to do was chip and putt, followed by pitching, etc.) is ready to go… except for his short game

It defies belief.

I’m to believe that, after a year off, the part of the game upon which he would have spent the most time working, before he could swing fully… is the reason he’s not ready to play, but his full swing is on point?

Pardon me, but that sounds like a fantasy tale.

What’s the real reason Tiger Woods isn’t ready to play?

Who knows, for sure?

But I doubt it’s the short game.

Call me a cynic.

But we can be sure now, if we’re to be sure of anything, that Jesper Parnevik was full of it

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18 thoughts on “I Hate To Say “I Told Ya So…”

  1. D Watts Post author

    On a related note – I wonder if Safeway will be giving refunds to disgruntled parties…

  2. Laser

    Actually, TW has withdrawn so far from 2 tournaments…Safeway + Turkish Airlines.

    Of course, Golf Channel is having wall-to-wall coverage. They’ve shown some of TW’s horrendous chipping.

    http://golfweek.com/ also has some stories about the withdrawal.

  3. targettom

    Well Jesper is the son of a comedian and I guess he was seeing if he could have new career? LOLOL

    Seriously though both of them are a joke; zero credibility left now, but of course the media will give them a pass and then the next time he hints he will play, they’ll all run slobbering like the sycophants they really are. Pathetic really.

    1. D Watts Post author

      How closely our opinions mesh on this, Tom – I mentioned in the posting above that I got word of this from BT and we had a Messenger discussion – I said in jest that the only thing Tiger was “flushing” was his last shred of credibility – then I said, “Wait… that would be Jesper! 😉

      Tiger’s big “oops” in this whole thing was to raise expectations and ticket sales, only to bail out the week of the event.

  4. peterallenby2013

    Brandel Chamblee made an interesting observation about the reason for Tiger’s W/Ds: He believes the statements that Tiger isn’t ready because his game isn’t ready.

    And yep, he is implying that the short game is the culprit stating that he knows of no publicized instance where a Tour golfer has overcome a case of the “chipping yips” – Golf Channel had a field day running footage of his worse than amateur displays around the green from his last few tournaments…

    I don’t know what, if anything, exists in the MCS kit that would cure this affliction. But I do believe that unless Toger simply accepts his state (“My name is Tiger Woods and I’m a hacker”), he has little change of re-booting and re-learning how to play golf at a level that he will find….acceptable.

    And without a mind set change and new, back to the past classic makeover, his new role , (er, Tiger, this is a PLAYERS ONLY photo”) is where he will reside…Or next to Brandel or Frank or David Duval on the set at GC…eeesh!

    1. D Watts Post author

      I don’t know what, if anything, exists in the MCS kit that would cure this affliction…

      Umm… I could think of one thing…

      … but I’ll be very frank – I don’t understand “yips” as a concept, because I have always swung unconsciously, and my faulty technique was my only issue, so I worked on my technique

      To suggest that someone can’t hit a simple chip or put a decent swing on a bunker shot… that doesn’t “compute.”

      So, other than suggesting a standard, mechanically-sound stance and action like that one I am using above (the MCS Short Game video will be out shortly, this month, by the way), I am scratching my head at all of this…

      1. peterallenby2013

        With all due respect, yips are a real condition. Chipping a golf ball requires a similar application of fine motor skills as we experience in putting. Most folks never experience this challenge, but it is most assuredly real. Here is a link to a description of the medical condition known as “the yips”:


        Does Tiger suffer from this condition as Chamblee speculates? Or is Tiger merely rusted and creaky after all those layoffs? I certainly don’t have the answer – If the condition is exacerbated by stress as suggested in the description lined above, then Tiger should go through a total re-boot of his swing as I and many others have suggested. And honestly, MCS, pretty damn simple to implement, would likely restore so much of his confidence that the negative stress he undoubtedly experiences today would be gone, freeing his talent to once again blossom.

        I agree with all that Woods needs lessons in politeness. The world has indeed moved on Tiger – you are NOT the center of the golfing universe. Disrupting TWO tournaments with last second W/Ds because of anything other than broken bones, food poisoning, or recovery from watching US Presidental debates in not cool…and I suspect will be less tolerated by the golf marketing machinery going forward…

        1. D Watts Post author

          Wasn’t saying it doesn’t exist, Peter, just that I don’t understand it so I wouldn’t be of any help fixing it.

          Plus, I possess neither the notoriety nor the requisite deference for someone of TW’s stature to approach me, so I don’t worry about it.

          I’m sure he has come across more than one person who could have helped him with whatever ailed him at the time, but they weren’t “big” enough for him to deign to approach them.

          Them’s the breaks.

        2. Laser

          I cannot claim any expertise on the “yips,” but I suggest that they come from over-thinking and micro-managing.

  5. targettom

    a golf channel contributor suggested this morning that “something happened” to him since he confirmed on Friday. Since he is still diving at the ball, and makes those other swing mistakes, this guy was hinting he hurt his back again. But Eldrick said his health was fine in his press release. So either he is a liar or delusional or ?? Wait a sec, did I just call a serial cheater a liar? He is a self-absorbed ego maniac who cares nothing about the damage he causes; after all he destroyed his relationships consistently and harmed his family. Let’s not forget he was paying a law firm $1 million per year to deal with his infidelities. With skanks!

    I’ll bet Miller and the Tour hate him even more with this late pullout. How about Tim Rosaforte he looks like a fool with his cheerleading and noticeably took a few steps back today. Did Tim even investigate whether the guy could play? He talked about TW’s “swings in the locker room”!!!

    And golf channel is apparently feeling stung too, given that they showed a ton of his horrible shots today. Wonder if anyone has a collection of clips where he is swearing his head off, throwing clubs and clips of the shocked faces of the surrounding fans. They should show that. And the clip of the mystery ball at the major where it jumped out of the bush seconds after going in, let’s analyze that again.

    How about this thought – maybe the decline in interest in golf is directly correlated to Eldrick’s mask coming off and the world seeing what a creep he really is? What if what it takes to restore some interest in golf as a family pursuit the industry needs to move on? In a world where common sense was widespread, coverage of this guy would be minimal. Next time he wants to hog the spotlight with “I’m gonna play XYZ Tourney” they should mention it and then mention his numerous WD’s, laugh and then turn to coverage of people that make the game better.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Well, you certainly have an opinion, Tom! I imagine their is some embarrassment today at how gullible they all were to take anything about TW’s game as gospel, as well as getting excited over his expected return.

      I wouldn’t think anyone under 30 even cares about TW, but BT differed, and as you can see below, you only have to follow the money. Money says TW is still relevant, though I have no idea why – it’s been 8 years since he last won a major and his last couple of years have left much to be desired.

  6. bigtoilet

    Well the TOUR and whoever else can hate him, make fun of him or whatever. Fact is that people WILL watch and that puts $$ in people’s pockets. It will never change, fortunately or unfortunately. That’s just the facts.

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