Justin Rose – Herniated Disk? Hint: YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG…

justin-roseNot to be forgotten in the news of Jason Day taking 2 or more months off to rehab a torn back ligament, news that Justin Rose is out for the time being with a herniated disk in his back.

Now, I know this likely strikes some as telling people that the sun rises in the East, but to the Modern Golf Swing industry, this may shock you – if your swing model is leaving players with herniated disks – you’re doing it wrong…

Very wrong(ly), if you need to be told this.


From Golf.com:

Olympic champion Justin Rose announced Wednesday that he will be sitting out at least the remainder of the 2016 European Tour season while he recovers from a nagging back injury.

Rose suffered a herniated disc in his back during the Players Championship in May. Despite working his way back to the U.S. Open and winning gold in golf’s return to the Olympics, Rose’s discomfort was persistent through the end of the PGA Tour season.

Justin Rose, as you may know, is the best player remaining in swing guru Sean “Myelin” Foley’s diminishing stable since the departure of Tiger Woods for less painful pastures.

tiger woods

Not that anyone is counting, but with Justin Rose, that makes the top two players ever to have worked with Foley – players who have suffered herniated disks, Tiger Woods of course being the other – both while working with Foley.

Yeah, I know, I know… big surprise…

“Dude… Is My Back Supposed To Feel Like This?”


“Hey Man – You Wanna Be Like Tiger Or Not?”

I don’t know what remains to be said about this, so I will simply say, “Guys…you’re doing it wrong

And to think, Rose was actually on the way to preserving his back when he briefly dabbled in the “floating heel” mechanics:

justin rose

Not a big fan of the “squat” address, but you’ll notice the uplifting left heel on the back swing and the free and full hip turn going back, as well as the free follow-through to the finish.

That posting of mine linked above was from March.  Notice how quickly Rose suffered the initial herniation (May) once he went away from that move.

Fact: A swing shouldn’t involve twisting forces being exerted on the back.  You’re supposed to swing with the entire body, not just the torso.

Tony Lema: “No Pain Here!”

tony lema loosens up

In fact, the swing is powered by the legs and hips, the strongest parts and muscles of the body contained therein, and trying to do so with just the back and core muscles will end… badly…

You will not find the separation of the torso from the lower body to “wind up” for a swing or throw anywhere else on this earth, but for the Modern Golf Swingers.

And that means, if everyone else is not doing it… the modern swing guys are either geniuses, or they’re doing it wrong.

The likelihood of the first option being the correct one, we all know, is proportional to the likelihood of our finding intelligent life on the planet Saturn.



2 thoughts on “Justin Rose – Herniated Disk? Hint: YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG…

  1. targettom

    If I’m following your train of logic correctly I think this also suggests that if you bang your head against a brick wall enough times you may start to notice some after effects, is that about right?

    I liked your analogy about baseball batters in another thread; these guys are swinging heavy bats very violently and sometimes at very awkward angles, but I don’t recall hearing of them suffering a lot of back injury (though I don’t follow baseball very closely).

    The other thing about batters is – it’s quite noticeable that some of them lift their lead foot completely off the ground, maybe they need to be Foley-ized because Sean clearly has a better method for more power right?

    1. D Watts Post author

      …it’s quite noticeable that some of them lift their lead foot completely off the ground…

      The best swingers, absolutely, Tom. Notice how baseball players don’t “rubber-band” the torso against a restricted lower body on the back swing… and then how the hips and shoulders move together on the swing.

      You won’t find that “rubber-band” garbage anywhere else in sports… that should tell you all you need to know.

      And when modern golf gets rid of it, you won’t ever see it again.

      And here is where golf went off the rails – Listening to people like Leadbetter and Foley rather than looking at what Nicklaus, Hogan et al were doing

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