Hurricane Matthew Is Coming

hurrican-matthewI can’t really bring myself to posting anything today, in light of the disaster approaching the East Coast from Florida to South Carolina.

I hope everyone is evacuating where they’ve been advised to do so, and I wish anyone in Wax Nation or not the best of luck riding out Hurricane Matthew.

Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell and his lovely wife Kat happen to be in Orlando right now, as Jerry was scouting the Champions Tour Q-school course (which may not be around after tomorrow, to be brutally honest).


Their flight home to So-Cal tomorrow morning has been cancelled, but they should be O.K. and are due to fly home on Sunday, as Orlando Intl will be shut down by 8:00 pm tonight.

A safe night to all, and apologies to Wax Nation – I know too many people in this storm’s path, and just don’t have anything golf-related to share today.




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