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The “MCS Short Game” Video Is Now Available!

dj-bunker-shotThe MCS Short Game Video is now available for downloading!

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered for your patience -and if you haven’t already checked your Inbox, there is an email with the download link awaiting you!

Anyone who wishes to download it now can do so with the link below:

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“How to Stripe Your Irons like Bryson DeChambeau”?!?!

bryson dechambeau addressThis is not to slam poor Bryson Dechambeau, who is, I’m sure, as chagrined by his lack-luster play since turning pro as I am confused by the use of his anything to show people proper form.

I mean, you’re looking at a man who missed as many cuts as he made (5 out of 10 events) in his first season as a pro, and who had exactly one Top-10 finish in that time period (and who, if you need more, has played and missed the cut once in the new ’17 season, which would mean he’s now missed more cuts than he’s made since turning pro).

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Some Sports Science (Finally) Confirms What MCS Does

tiger_woods_injures_back_at_the_barclays_2013_-_pga_tourOriginally posted December 21, 2015. Re-posting in time for Tiger Woods’ announced return… so he says…

The first guy on TV that I ever saw talking about the Modern Swing in a negative way compared to the classic golf swing was Brandel Chamblee.

Move over Brandel, here comes Mike Boyle online!

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The Beauty of MCS Short Game – It’s MCS All Over Again!

positionsI’m still at work on the upcoming “MCS Short Shots” video project, and here’s something to interest the MCS Golf Swing adherents – it’s the same thing, from the chip to full swing!

Of course there are variations in the MCS principles, just as there are with the full swing, depending on the type of shot or shape you want, and so there would be some adjustments from the full swing address position for the short game.

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Lob Shot? Tight Lie? MCS Short Game

tight-lie-lobThis is footage from a day last week at the range, where I was working on David D.’s swing with him, and I asked him how his short game was.

We discussed technique, and I even shot some footage that will be included in the upcoming “MCS Short Game” video, on which I’m working right now for release this week.

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Rory McIlroy Showing How It’s Done – Crazy Driver Stats!

rory mcilroyIt looks like Rory McIlroy is finally getting some proper equipment (I mean, who really plays Nike clubs without being paid to do it?), and the results are spectacular.

I would say that, pound for pound (or kilo for kilo), Rory Mac is the longest driver by far on the PGA Tour, or at least he will be, if these numbers below carry out… and if you want to know how he’s doing it – athletic talent counts for a lot, but if you haven’t notice this, you haven’t been paying attention!

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Once Again… Mike Dunaway (Compare The Leading Foot)

mike dunaway impactYou’ll recall my mentioning Ryan Steenberg’s flying left foot and anchored right foot in my analysis of his swing.

That is about the only flaw, as I said, that you can find in his action, and Jamie Sadlowski, as mentioned by HKGolf, had the same issue, along with the PGA Tour’s Charlie Beljan.

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Ryan Steenberg’s A-1 Long Drive Swing

rsIf you watched last week’s World Long Drive Championship, you would have seen very good form from the two Finalists.

Everyone has been looking at Joe Miller’s swing, but I wanted to show Finalist runner-upĀ Ryan Steenberg’s swing, because there’s a lot you can learn from it (if you watch any of the MCS Trilogy swing videos, you’ll learn the same things).

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Proof – Classic Golf Swing Beats Modern Golf Swing

high heelIf you need any proof that the Modern Golf Swing is an unworkable theory that is also destroying players’ bodies and careers, look no further than the stats you get comparing numbers (actual and theoretical) between the longest swingers from the Classic Golf Swing era.

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