Just What I Figured – Jason Day In His Own Words

jason-day-backThose of you who have the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing,” or “MCS – Perfect Pivot,” which are Parts II & III of the “MCS Trilogy,” or even if you have the MCS Secrets of the MCS video short “On Separation,” then you’re going to nod your heads at this next revelation.

I got up this morning after having having witnessed yesterday’s train wreck with the World #1 ranked player withdrawing from the climactic event of the FedEx Cup with yet another back injury, and what I read from Jason Day’s own words yesterday nearly dropped me out of my chair.

How many times, my friends, have I told you about the dangers of the modern swing “rubber-band” twisting on the back swing, turning the upper torso against the restricted lower body, and what that does to the lower back on the down swing?


Probably a hundred postings where I mention that?

And I’ve discussed it in detail, in the above MCS videos – well, if you don’t believe me, read what Jason Day had to say about his injury, and the bold print is mine, to emphasize.

From the PGA Tour online:

Day acknowledged he wasn’t 100 percent after shooting the first-round 67. He said there were several times when he felt a sharp pain when hitting his driver.

When I get to the top of the swing, as soon as my hips start to unfold and then there’s that little bit of separation, it just crunches down,” Day said on Thursday. “It just hurts.”


Sound familiar, friends?

DJ Talks “Separation”


If it does, it’s because you have watched the relevant parts of the above-mentioned videos, that’s exactly what I say will happen when you rubber-band the torso against the lower body on the back swing.


I don’t make these things happen through magic when I predict them – it is simple observation and logic – you see something very bad going on, and you make a prediction based on past history and logic (what is logically expected to happen when one swings in a manner that risks lower back injury?)

And the Modern Golf Swing is about to claim another victim, and shorten another brilliant career, I’m afraid.

You remember how I said that if you didn’t know the proper way to do it, that learning about proper separation could “change your life?”

Well, how big a change would it make to J Day’s life to be able to keep playing at his current skill level without hurting his back every other event?

My favorite player, too…

facepalm statue

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13 thoughts on “Just What I Figured – Jason Day In His Own Words

    1. D Watts Post author

      Can’t really take credit for looking up and observing that the sky is blue, DB – if the modern swing gurus knew anything about proper athletic motion, they wouldn’t be killing the sports as they are now.

  1. buddhabob

    no surprise here and he swings very hard with the Crank. Goodbye Jason. This will only continue until a prominent young modern golfer steps up and starts winning with the classic swing. Sorry. Nothing else will stem this tide.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Waiting for that day… this is a dark period in golf, and history will not look back on it kindly.

      It’ll be like reading about the Medieval people who feared bathing and did it once a year… the Modern Golf Swing “science” smells worse than they did…

  2. targettom

    You could see him walking stiffly on the first couple of tees in the first round. So he looked like he wasn’t fit to play from the start. But if one just signed some big contracts I guess one might feel obligated to play ….and I wonder if he gets paid if he can longer compete

    1. D Watts Post author

      Meanwhile 51 year old BT hit 126 mph TWICE in club speed working out this past week – no back problems at all!

      Go figure…

        1. D Watts Post author

          I’ve actually begun a little bit of a regimen since the end of summer, Major – cut out the nightly beer (once or twice a week now), and a little healthier diet (wings and salad vs wings and fries!), and I’ve dropped 13 lbs (6 kg) since September 1st!

          I plan on being faster and longer next year – 200 mph ball speed, here I come! 😉

  3. Laser

    “my hips start to unfold”

    –As you’ve written, “The less you think about individual parts, the more connected your swing will be.” Trying to mentally isolate hips sounds like a problem.

    1. D Watts Post author

      It all sounds so familiar if you’ve been around Wax Golf for a bit, doesn’t it, Laser?

      Trying to isolate hips is a real problem if you’ve disconnected on the back swing. In fact, it can be a real back-breaker, no pun intended…

  4. buddhabob

    Arnie is gone now, sorry to say. It is a sad day, sorry, I know this isn’t the thread for it. In my day he was everything to golf because he won and lost in spectacular fashion and with a flamboyant approach.

    Just a story.

    I was 11 when he came to Iowa to do an exhibition. My Mom and I drove out to Davenport and maybe a couple hundred people gathered on the first tee for autographs. I remember it quite clearly.

    He stepped up to the tee, hitched his pants up, stared up the fairway to the green about 320 yards away and did a short waggle, then literally slashed at the ball in that way where you saw all the effort and might.

    The ball was his typical draw that just seemed to bore forever thru the air at a constant altitude, finally it came crashing down and rolled into a bunker off the right front side of the green. Never seen anything like that. Power. I was hooked from then on.

    Farewell Arnie, I was one of your army for years. I will miss you.

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