Aaaaaaand – Jason Day Goes Down Again

jason dayI hate to see it because you all know Jason Day is my favorite Tour player – when he’s able to play.

He has just withdrawn again, this time from the season-ending Tour Championship after 8 holes in the second round, and who knows when we’ll see him again…

From CBSSports  Online:

Jason Day, the No. 1 golfer in the world, has been forced to withdraw from a second straight tournament with a back injury.

Day withdrew from the Tour Championship on Friday afternoon, citing the same back issues that forced him to withdraw from the BMW Championship two years ago. Day was in the hunt after a strong 67 in the first round on Thursday, but was unable to complete his second round on Friday.

The injury will end Day’s season and there is not currently a timetable known for his return.

The crazy thing is, he only needs one tweak to his already great swing action, just to take the torque strain off of his lower back and prevent these injuries.

jasaon day

One tweak…. to make it more mechanically-correct…

But that swing, as it is, has just cost him the chance at winning the FedEX Cup, $10 Million and likely Player of the Year, if he’d been able to pull it off.


We’ll have to see…

But that Modern Golf Swing is ruining golf and shortening careers.

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4 thoughts on “Aaaaaaand – Jason Day Goes Down Again

    1. D Watts Post author

      Like Human Dominoes, Jonas…

      It’s a shame, really, because these pro golfers are relying on the so-called “experts” to help them swing properly.

      And it’s the opposite, in real time. Who knows how many players they’ll ruin before the pendulum returns…

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