Swinging MCS At 73 Years Old

david-d-positionUpdateDavid D. thanks me for the compliment, but has informed me that I got his age wrong – he’s actually 73! /update

I got together with a longtime Member and friend, David D., who is 67 73 years young and who wanted a little work on his swing at season’s end.

We hadn’t seen each other in about a year, perhaps longer (it was last season around the same time), and all the work we did was on the stance, to get him into a more athletically-correct swinging position.

I’ve said many times that the swing is essentially over at address, if you nail your points, provided of course you’re not doing anything seriously wrong with your actual motion.

So, here is a nice little before/after pic, and you’ll see that he nails all of the MCS address points here:


How good does this look, my friends?


I talked to him about having a little less extension on the dtl view, but this is something he’ll fix with a little practice until less extension feels more natural.

Once he had his head position, spine angle and ball position more to my liking, we started seeing some real results in his ball striking.


A little centered here with the head, but otherwise not too bad for an old-timer!


You can actually see the ball flight on this gif. if you have it large enough…


Now that’s going after it without any fear of injury!

Contrast the move above, and the vigor David is putting into his swing, with the snap-crackle-pop of someone like, say, the World #1 Jason Day, who can’t seem to go more than a few weeks without doing something to his back.

As DD said, he had no fear of injury, and absolutely no back issues, even when I asked him at the end of the afternoon how he felt after hitting a jumbo bucket.

David is the gentleman I have asked about the possibility of a little video project for the 50+ crowd, and if you all could have just seen the work we did together (mostly talking, we both like to talk so there’s no helping it), you would likely have enjoyed an improved conceptual vision of the golf swing.

But if we do go ahead with it, we’ll just reprise everything we talked about to get him back on track swinging, and of course add some more concepts.

It was a most enjoyable afternoon, thanks to David!  Spending time with him yesterday renewed my faith in humanity after a trying summer, is all I’ll say.

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5 thoughts on “Swinging MCS At 73 Years Old

    1. D Watts Post author

      There sure is, DK – age is nothing but a number when you have a mechanically-correct swing… ask Nicklaus, Snead and Vijay! 😉

  1. Chief Cowpie

    Spoke with BT a few weeks back and he is as enthusiastic as you can get with both his motivation to perform and attention given to practice and physical health at the highest levels of golf and the competitive advantage MCS offers. He has some Senior PGA Card qualifying events coming up so stay tuned.

  2. jason

    hi dj, great improvements! I notice that David picks up the club a bit with the right wrist (early wrist hinge). I always thought this move shortens the arc of the swing, but David seems to be smashing it pretty well! Would he get even more distance if he maintained distance and lengthened his arc?

    1. D Watts Post author

      I notice that David picks up the club a bit with the right wrist (early wrist hinge). I always thought this move shortens the arc of the swing…

      That is correct, Jason, and it is only “a bit” there because we worked on that before the video clips were shot.

      It was much more pronounced at the start, but the more David gets into the concept of “whole-body swinging,” the less he will hinge that wrist, and I would like to see it disappear altogether.

      Good eyes! And very good work by David D.

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