Big T (Jerry Crowell) Wins PGA’s SoCal Asst Championship – at 51

jerry-crowell-champYou know that comment I made about the modern swing killing careers, like how Tiger Woods’ was over by 40, and how Jason Day is on that same path but likely with greater speed?

You know what kind of golf they could still be playing in their 50’s, if they swung with a mechanically-correct model, the way Nicklaus and Snead did, and the way Vijay Singh has done?

Well, don’t look now – 51 year old Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell has another feather in his cap as a tournament player – he has won the PGA So-Cal Asst Championship, beating players much younger than him (some not even half his age!).


From the SoCal PGA’s website:

The first round of the Championship began promptly at 8:30 A.M., and many of the “young guns” in the field came out of the gates quickly. Names such as reigning AAA Champion, Michael Nimtz of The Crosby, and nearby PGA apprentice, Lyon Lazare of Aliso Viejo Country Club, were shooting up the leaderboard as they hunted down birdies, and the occasional eagle, that was available on the course…

The second round saw much different results, as the coastal winds began to pick up in the afternoon. These conditions didn’t bode well for the “young guns” in the field as they started to slip down the leaderboard. However, the more experienced players found the breeze a perfect complement to their golf game. Players such as Bobby Nickell of Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club and Ross Marcano, PGA, of Barona Creek Golf Club began to post some solid numbers in their afternoon rounds. However, it was one of the oldest players in the field that was able to light it up the scoreboard in round two.

At age 51, Jerry Crowell, PGA, of Goose Creek Golf Club, went on a rampage posting an impressive bogey-free final round of five-under par 67. This score, along with his first round score of 72, gave him a total of 139, which was enough to be crowned the 2016 National Car Rental Southern California Assistant Champion. Congratulations, and well played Jerry!

For new readers: Most of Wax Golf knows that I re-built the MCS golf swing model a couple of years ago when Jerry saw my “Ben Hogan Project,” where I studied and broke down Hogan’s pivot move, and he wanted the same thing for his own swing.

UMCS4 (6)

Fast-forward to what became the “MCS Ultimate Leverage” video, where we showed everyone what he was working on with his swing back in the winter of ’14-’15.

He came close to getting back into the big game last winter – I got to caddy for him in his try at qualifying for the ’16 Farmers Insurance at Torrey Pines GC, where he narrowly missed out by 2 strokes.

He decided in the spring to take more time to work on his game, and to the disappointment of many, that meant he focused more on that than in giving lessons as an instructor (SCPGA Inland Empire Teacher of the Year 2015),  and it looks like he’s rounding into form…

Champ at 51… Age Is Just A Number?


And for the new readers who haven’t seen his swing, here are some swings I got of him when we worked on it in Southern California last January:

Contrast that swing with the tortured moves of Tiger Woods, whom we’ll apparently be seeing again in a few weeks, and think of what Jason Day will be doing in a few years, when that back gives out sometime in his 30’s (or earlier)

Meanwhile, BT is playing better and hitting it longer at 51 than he ever has… with a classic golf swing model that puts the modern swings to shame:

bt drv 3a

I want to extend, on behalf of BT’s many supporters over the years at Wax Golf, a hearty congratulations on this impressive victory after all of his hard work.

In my mind, he can play even better than this and I bet he does too.

Congrats and Well Done, Big Toilet!


11 thoughts on “Big T (Jerry Crowell) Wins PGA’s SoCal Asst Championship – at 51

  1. David

    Congratulations Jerry! You guys did some great work together and then created the Ultimate Pivot.

    I will be 65 in a few months and have struggled with back pain since my teens until DJ came along. I play 6 or 7 days a week 52 weeks a year and not a twinge. You created a model to last a lifetime. Thank you! !

    1. D Watts Post author

      Very Welcome, DK! Seems like just yesterday we were all at Goose Creek at the first Wax Golf Summit, doesn’t it?

      DK (Orange) & BT (White) & The Gang
      Wax Group

      Time flies…

      PS – How early do you get up?!? LOL 🙂

  2. David

    Usually 4am … Frisco doesn’t walk very fast 🙂 Also, as you mentioned, time flies!!! With my best buddy MWherman being 23 years younger, I have to keep in MCS shape to play with him for a long time!! I figure if I live long enough he and I will hit it the same distance 🙂

    1. D Watts Post author

      Well you may have to live quite some time, DK, because the next time MW and I get together, he should be even better 😉

  3. Mike Wehrman

    DKondo, I look forward to every round my friend!!

    Big Toilet, a big congratulations to you on your win!!

    DJ, I am so thankful for all your work!! I still feel like I am learning this swing in competition, but I played my most consistent tournament golf this year. I look forward to even better results in the years to come!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Look who’s joining the party…

      Very welcome, and it’s just the beginning, MW! You have barely scratched the surface.

      Big hello to Mrs. W for me if you please!

  4. Laser

    Good goin’, BT. And, Jason Day’s back?

    I’m not sharp enough to see anything wrong with his driver swing, but I don’t like his wedge setup. Please, don’t anyone actually watch this video…but at 3:33 this demonstrator looks like what I saw Kostis show Day doing with a wedge–feet perpendicular to the line, no toe-out. To me, that looks like an athletic problem waiting to happen.

    “Hit Your Wedges Like Jason Day”

  5. Peter Allenby

    BT rocks on! It is precisely this kind of competitive breakthrough that MCS swing proponents have thought would broaden the appeal and relevancy of this swing methodology. Sadly, conventional wisdom remains it the main stream lane in most anything until the “revolutionary” and “radically different” achieves success. Remember that fact folks. Jerry wins and his confidence soars (i would think!) and more success follows – pretty soon, the swing will become an “overnight sensation”!! This is a win for the swing!

    Congratulations to Jerry and to DJ. Great work!

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