Deja Vu – Jason Day Goes Down Again

jason dayRemember when I said I would buy Jason Day if he were a stock, and I’d be selling Jordan Spieth?

Well, I still wouldn’t buy stock in Spieth, but I’d be considering unloading my Jason Day stock if I had it, because Jason has gone down again, withdrawing from the BMW Championship with a bad back.

According to the PGATour online:

World No.1 and defending BMW Championship winner Jason Day was forced to withdraw with a back injury through just eight holes of the final round, putting his place in the TOUR Championship under a cloud.

Day tweaked his lower back when he bent down to put a tee in the ground on the ninth tee box and decided to pull out of the event rather than risk further damage.

The Australian has a history of back issues, withdrawing from the BMW Championship in 2014 with a similar complaint.


It could be an overabundance of caution, considering he only drops from 2nd to 4th in the FedEx points race, meaning he can still win the whole shebang with a victory next week, or even a high finish if the other leaders stumble.

But I’ve been saying for some time now, if you count over two years as “some time now,” that Day’s playing career will never make it to 40, swinging the way he does:

… my initial suspicions were confirmed – Day will likely run into lower back and/or leading knee issues as he gets older, if not sooner.

Part of the reason is how hard he swings.  He rips at the ball, and while his setup and mechanics are nearly flawless, the “modern swing” part of his move is what will catch up with him sooner or later if he keeps on.

That was from the beginning of September in 2014… and then I tried to explain in very simple terms, about six months ago, why he keeps hurting his back:

The lower back is not designed to twist in the manner the planted-heel back swing with restricted hips forces the modern swinger to do. It is that simple.

And if you perform unsound athletic movements with speed and power – the damage will be significant, and quick in the coming.

jason day

But hey, what do I know?

Not much, except I know a bad swing for the back when I see one, and Jason’s is a case study.

And as I said to targettom in a comment earlier today:

There’s a better way, Jason Day… swinging with a mechanically-sound model, and yours isn’t that far off!

Hey, if I could send him smoke signals, I would. Hate to see the young man’s career being shortened by that lower back issue, which is as fixable as anything you could ever fix in a golf swing…

It’s a shame, and completely fixable.

That’s the shame of it…

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  1. jh32

    Thought of you when I heard this today. Man oh man, will the young ever learn???? I played 36 today and my back doesn’t hurt at all. Jim

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