Tiger Woods’ Case of Denial – One Picture Is All You Need

tw-bodyTiger Woods apparently tried once (and is probably still now trying) to blame his left knee woes on “stuff I did as a kid,” and not on his modern golf swing models which have wrecked the left side of his body.

It’s not just the knee – if you see the history of Tiger’s injuries, you will see a distinct and unavoidable pattern of left side body issues, all coming from that planted-heel back swing and everything that comes along with swinging this way from an early age.

Tiger has been swinging a golf club since he was two years old.  If he ever swung with a mechanically-correct floating leading heel, I don’t know.

But his first knee operation came in ’94 while he was in college – why would you need knee surgery in college to remove cartilage and “benign cysts” from having banged up your knee falling off a bike as a kid?

You wouldn’t, and we all know that.

Q: Are you a betting person?

If so, and if Tiger had benign cysts in his left knee in college, and again in ’02 (those bike injuries sure keep repeating on one, don’t they?), how much would you be willing to wager that it didn’t come from the years of straining that left knee with the planted-heel back swing and “leg snap” through impact?

You wouldn’t get a plug nickel from me on that bet.

If you read the article at Golf Digest online and view the picture of his injuries… what do you notice?


A small quote from the article:

Tiger Woods told Golf Digest’s Jaime Diaz in 2005 that he has had a bad left knee since childhood. “It’s because of the stuff I did as a kid,” Woods said. “Wiping out on skateboards, crashing on dirt bikes, jumping off things. I banged it up pretty bad.”

Yeah, right…

michelle wie pivot

And Michelle Wie’s left side issues (yes, she has a big history of left side issues as well) come from crashing on her dirt bike as well:

Wie was diagnosed with bursitis in her left hip after withdrawing from the Kingsmill Championship in the middle of May. She’s also been struggling with pain in her left kneeand left ankle, joints that have endured wear and tear as shock absorbers of her powerful swing. The bone spur in the left foot was a newly diagnosed malady after the U.S. Women’s Open.


A dirt bike that only affects the left side of the body, apparently.

Funny how Ariya Jutanugarn’s Olympic-dream ending injury was to the left knee as well, and she also swings in the modern golf planted-heel style…

Ariya Jutanugarn

Question: Just how many people on the golf Tours are crashing their dirt bikes?

It’s a dirt bike crash epidemic!

Wait – maybe it’s the skateboards… or the jumping off things and landing only on the left leg

I don’t know if Tiger was blowing smoke up Jaime Diaz’ pant legs or actually believed this, but it is yet another example of modern golf swing people not seeing the nose on their faces.

“Now, Stay On That LEFT Side, My Man…”


Then again, Tiger worked with Sean Foley for five (that’s 5) blessed years, ending in a broken back, before he finally figured out that Foley didn’t know what the heck he was talking about… not exactly rocket scientists we’re dealing with, here…

“Something Like This I Think…Left”

woods thai chi

They will blame anything but the way in which they’re swinging, because if they admitted that their swing model was breaking their bodies down, they’d have to figure out how to swing another way.

You know… in a way that wouldn’t wreck the left side of one’s body…

And that would be too hard, apparently.

So, we’ll see Tiger Woods come back from 3 back surgeries, and if he’s swinging the same way he was before, look for a mysterious dirt bike accident to put him out for the duration of his career.

But it won’t be the swing…according to Tiger.


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9 thoughts on “Tiger Woods’ Case of Denial – One Picture Is All You Need

  1. Laser

    Well, there’s good news…kind of. It looks like Brandel is still reading your blog. Below is from something called “Golf Central Blog,” contributions from writers and editors on the Golf Channel Digital team:

    September 7, 2016 If Tiger Woods hasn’t changed his swing from what it was before his most recent injury, his comeback could be short-lived, Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee says.

    “If he comes back and he continues to swing the way he was swinging when he was last playing, I think that he will risk injury,” Chamblee said Wednesday.

    1. D Watts Post author

      It’s pretty obvious, if you stop to think about it – his injuries come from the way he swings or swung. All the way to 3 spinal surgeries.

      There should be no “put your back into it” when swinging a club. If he’s still doing that – he won’t be back for long…

  2. targettom

    since a few months ago I posted a comment about the deplorable play at a tourney in Texas, I would like to follow up by saying in the past few weeks the level of play has been quite remarkable and enjoyable to watch. This is what we want to see, great execution, great shots.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I gave up televised golf when a certain player who has no swing… won the Colonial, which Ben Hogan practically owned.

      I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, living or dead, turning my face away from that spectacle…

        1. D Watts Post author

          It appears so, Tom! Thanks for the heads-up, I was spending some family time and was away from the computer and TV.

          I am actually surprised it took this long to happen again after the World Match Play incident.

          There’s a better way, Jason Day… swinging with a mechanically-sound model, and yours isn’t that far off!

          Hey, if I could send him smoke signals, I would. Hate to see the young man’s career being shortened by that lower back issue, which is as fixable as anything you could ever fix in a golf swing…

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