Tim Tebow’s Golf Swing (A Real Athlete BTW)

tebow topThanks to mwehrman for the Golf Channel tip (he sent me a clip of Tebow’s simulator swing at the Golf Channel and I went looking for Tebow swings).

You know how the modern swing gurus are always talking about “athletic” this and “athletic” that?

Well, how about watching a real athlete (Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow), and how he swings a golf club?

Let’s see, there’s this clip from the Golf Channel recently where he hit a 343 yard blast, and this guy doesn’t even play pro golf, while out-driving 99% of pro golfers…

As you can see, a guy who actually knows a little about athletic motion (Tebow is kind of your decathlete, physically – he would excel in any sport of his choosing, and let’s get back to that golf swing shall we?) is doing… what?

Tim Tebow – Back Swing Top

tebow top

Looks like he’s swinging with mechanical correctness!

Of course, a guy like Tebow is not interested in breaking his back, or wrecking his leading knee or hip, so he of course has a floating heel on the back swing pivot.

Tim Tebow’s Floating Heel Pivot

Here’s some really good looks at Tebow’s golf swing:

tebow seq

That is just athletic mechanical-correctness and plain ol’ common sense, folks – if you want to swing like an athlete, do what the best swingers from the classic golf swing era were doing (and about all of the world’s elite long drivers are doing).

high heel

Now, a guy like Tebow (6’3″ or 191cm and 245 lbs or 111 kg of solid muscle) could get a lot more out of that swing, with a little less muscle and a little more leverage, but he’s doing all the right things, athletically and mechanically.