Found Footage! DJ In 2007 (Earliest Video To Date)

dj addr 07Originally Posted Nov 28 2015 – Memories of ’07!

I actually have swings on video going back to 1998 when I recorded some swings while trying to learn a conventional golf swing.

As far as my swing research years (June 2005 to 2015), I have most of the video from 2005-08 on VHS video and not digital files, but…

There is a swing I converted into a file format years ago, from the autumn of 2007, when my swing research really began to take off.

I had a video camera but I didn’t record all of my swing sessions until August or so of 2007, when I thought my swing action was getting a little better and actually worth recording.

dj addr 07


This would have been September, I imagine, looking at the foliage in the background, and look at everything I was doing!

DJ Swings Iron – 2007


  1. Baseball grip, and I mean a real baseball grip, with the thumbs wrapping around the shaft and not going down it,
  2. Thick, Moe Norman-type grips (I took normal grips and wrapped hockey tape around them to make them baseball-grip sized),
  3. Center-biased stance, but with the “Formula” set up of the vertical leading arm,
  4. Hey, look at that planted leading heel,
  5. Man… I was a lot thinner in ’07…

Now, those of you who’ve been following the blogs over the years, take a look at this address position, and remember that at the time, I had yet to even hear of anyone named Mike Austin (at this time, I would have been looking at Ben Hogan and Moe Norman almost exclusively, and another innovator named Mindy Blake, for technique).

dj addr 07b


However, you will see the familiar “kicked-in” address leg stance, which I was doing before I started calling it that (MA influence), and I knew that even with a planted leading heel not to restrict my hip turn.

You see, I started out my swing research thinking that a working, optimal MCS-type swing model existed out there, and I just had to figure out who had it.

It wasn’t until I left the Mike Austin school of swing back in ’13 that I realized it didn’t exist, and from 2013 to now has been my working out that optimal model myself.

As an aside, I have mixed feelings about the years ’09-’13, which were spent almost entirely trying to figure out Austin’s swing model – it wasn’t until I figured out why I couldn’t copy it (shifting pivot, and I couldn’t make myself swing that way after years in sports doing things athletically) that I moved on.

If it weren’t for the fact that I found the correct Swing Angle and release action looking at Austin’s model, I might regret the time spent on it, but then, most of my long-time Members originally came looking for the secrets to MA!

Just about everything else in the MCS came later, but you can see the fundamentals emerging here, nearly three years before I ever produced a video or called any swing model “MCS.”

Aside from the baseball grip, almost everything I was doing here was more conventional, but you can see my swing is the same swing as what I have today.

Things may change, with swing angle, mechanical action and stance differences, but the “personality” of the swing remains essentially the same.

So, I was looking for this clip for some time, wondering if I’d lost it, but I found it in a folder I don’t check much anymore.