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“MCS Short Game” Video Is Nearly Here!

dj-bunker-shotFor those of you who’ve already pre-ordered the upcoming “MCS Short Game” video, I have great news – things are running on schedule and I anticipate the video release will be late next week or early the week of October 9th… as long as the rest of the way runs as smoothly is has heretofore.

The reason for my absence the last couple of days is related to this – very iffy weather is moving in this weekend and I had to make sure the bulk of my shooting was completed by yesterday, so I have been at the golf course shooting video and working on the actual project.

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RIP Arnold Palmer (RePost)

arnold-palmer-630-400** Originally posted to the DJ Watts Golf blog June 6th, 2012 – edited slightly to remove irrelevant references/terms and to include the most recent ones /update

As promised, I’m writing a post on the golf swing of the great Arnold Palmer, and although I said it wouldn’t be pretty, that really only applies to AP’s follow-through action.

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Just What I Figured – Jason Day In His Own Words

jason-day-backThose of you who have the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing,” or “MCS – Perfect Pivot,” which are Parts II & III of the “MCS Trilogy,” or even if you have the MCS Secrets of the MCS video short “On Separation,” then you’re going to nod your heads at this next revelation.

I got up this morning after having having witnessed yesterday’s train wreck with the World #1 ranked player withdrawing from the climactic event of the FedEx Cup with yet another back injury, and what I read from Jason Day’s own words yesterday nearly dropped me out of my chair.

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Aaaaaaand – Jason Day Goes Down Again

jason dayI hate to see it because you all know Jason Day is my favorite Tour player – when he’s able to play.

He has just withdrawn again, this time from the season-ending Tour Championship after 8 holes in the second round, and who knows when we’ll see him again…

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Eureka – Possible New MCS Concept

iron-impactI went to the range yesterday to test out a new visualize/physical concept on the MCS Golf Swing, and it went as well as I could have hope – better, even!

The one thing I have found is that people struggle with the Angle of Swing, meaning that they are turning to the target (which leads to open shoulders at impact and a slice or pull).

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The Wax Golf Forum Is Here!

dj imp new mcsI will pin this posting to the top of the blog feed for the time being, and yes, the Wax Golf MCS Forum is launching today!

I imagine it will take some time to get fully underway, but long-time readers, Wax Nation citizens and new visitors alike, feel free to leave an initial comment or query at the forum, the link to which you’ll find above and on the side panel near the top.

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MCS Is Here To Stay – Let’s Get Down To Business!

frank-costanzaI first of all want to thank everyone who has given me tremendous support over the nearly two months since I announced that I was giving up trying to spread the word on a mechanically-correct golf swing, and that I was moving on.

I did actually attempt to move on, to the point of figuring out and getting started on a new path in life to earn my living – however, the site remained up and I posted here and there, until something happened – follow me below the fold…

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DJ’s Theory – Golf Is A Dying Sport B/C of Modern Golf Swing

foley-tigerIt is no secret that the golf industry is in decline, perhaps part of a natural boom and bust cycle, but I would posit that a major facet of it is in the fact that the modern golf swing is chasing and keeping people away from the game.

Golf will always be played, so the game itself is not in peril.  There will always be enough people with the means, opportunity and of course desire to play.

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“There’s Gold In Them Thar Hills…” (Beyond Perfect Pivot)

d-doubilet-july-18I have to hand it to David D., because he may have single-handedly kicked off the “Beyond Perfect Pivot” video concept, which I had envisioned as an accessory to the MCS Trilogy Series, which ends, of course with the “MCS – Perfect Pivot” video.

What David did, while we were working on his swing that day (primarily the address position – if you nail the Fundamentals Trifecta, you’ll be in great shape to start your swing), was focus on getting it all down.

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