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RIP Arnold Palmer (RePost)

arnold-palmer-630-400** Originally posted to the DJ Watts Golf blog June 6th, 2012 – edited slightly to remove irrelevant references/terms and to include the most recent ones /update

As promised, I’m writing a post on the golf swing of the great Arnold Palmer, and although I said it wouldn’t be pretty, that really only applies to AP’s follow-through action.

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Big T (Jerry Crowell) Wins PGA’s SoCal Asst Championship – at 51

jerry-crowell-champYou know that comment I made about the modern swing killing careers, like how Tiger Woods’ was over by 40, and how Jason Day is on that same path but likely with greater speed?

You know what kind of golf they could still be playing in their 50’s, if they swung with a mechanically-correct model, the way Nicklaus and Snead did, and the way Vijay Singh has done?

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Deja Vu – Jason Day Goes Down Again

jason dayRemember when I said I would buy Jason Day if he were a stock, and I’d be selling Jordan Spieth?

Well, I still wouldn’t buy stock in Spieth, but I’d be considering unloading my Jason Day stock if I had it, because Jason has gone down again, withdrawing from the BMW Championship with a bad back.

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Tiger Woods’ Case of Denial – One Picture Is All You Need

tw-bodyTiger Woods¬†apparently tried once (and is probably still now trying) to blame his left knee woes on “stuff I did as a kid,” and not on his modern golf swing models which have wrecked the left side of his body.

It’s not just the knee – if you see the history of Tiger’s injuries, you will see a distinct and unavoidable pattern of left side body issues, all coming from that planted-heel back swing and everything that comes along with swinging this way from an early age.

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PGA Tour Gurus Don’t Understand Release! (Tony Finau)

finau release*An Archived Posting From December 06, 2015

I was looking for a good swing clip of Tony Finau today for whatever reason – I wasn’t going to profile his swing or anything, although he’s a prodigiously long hitter.

I was just looking to see what he pivot action looks like, and it’s not bad, but the one thing I learned about anything today while looking at Finau’s “Golf Digest” analysis was – and this is embarrassing to have to point out, I assure you – the swing gurus to the PGA Tour players don’t understand the release action of a proper golf swing…

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Tim Tebow’s Golf Swing (A Real Athlete BTW)

tebow topThanks to mwehrman¬†for the Golf Channel tip (he sent me a clip of Tebow’s simulator swing at the Golf Channel and I went looking for Tebow swings).

You know how the modern swing gurus are always talking about “athletic” this and “athletic” that?

Well, how about watching a real athlete (Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow), and how he swings a golf club?

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Found Footage! DJ In 2007 (Earliest Video To Date)

dj addr 07Originally Posted Nov 28 2015 – Memories of ’07!

I actually have swings on video going back to 1998 when I recorded some swings while trying to learn a conventional golf swing.

As far as my swing research years (June 2005 to 2015), I have most of the video from 2005-08 on VHS video and not digital files, but…

There is a swing I converted into a file format years ago, from the autumn of 2007, when my swing research really began to take off.

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