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RIP Arnold Palmer (RePost)

arnold-palmer-630-400** Originally posted to the DJ Watts Golf blog June 6th, 2012 – edited slightly to remove irrelevant references/terms and to include the most recent ones /update

As promised, I’m writing a post on the golf swing of the great Arnold Palmer, and although I said it wouldn’t be pretty, that really only applies to AP’s follow-through action.

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Tim Tebow’s Golf Swing (A Real Athlete BTW)

tebow topThanks to mwehrman¬†for the Golf Channel tip (he sent me a clip of Tebow’s simulator swing at the Golf Channel and I went looking for Tebow swings).

You know how the modern swing gurus are always talking about “athletic” this and “athletic” that?

Well, how about watching a real athlete (Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow), and how he swings a golf club?

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Found Footage! DJ In 2007 (Earliest Video To Date)

dj addr 07Originally Posted Nov 28 2015 – Memories of ’07!

I actually have swings on video going back to 1998 when I recorded some swings while trying to learn a conventional golf swing.

As far as my swing research years (June 2005 to 2015), I have most of the video from 2005-08 on VHS video and not digital files, but…

There is a swing I converted into a file format years ago, from the autumn of 2007, when my swing research really began to take off.

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