“The MCS Golf Swing” eBook – Coming To Amazon!

addrsI am currently putting the finishing touches on an eBook that will be available on Amazon in the next week or two.

Tentatively titled “The MCS Golf Swing,” it will be basic primer in written form rather than video, laying out the basics of MCS Swing Theory.

It will include the following:

  • An explanation of why the so-called “Modern Golf Swing” is flawed, and why the “Classic Golf Swing” of the bygone era (pre-1980’s) is the way to swing.

It won’t be going into great detail on this, but rather will point out the cause of the injuries befalling modern golf swingers, because the point of the book is not to prove the modern golf swing faulty, but to show the proper way to swing.

mcs addr



  • The reason the Iron Byron machine was built the way it was (because of mechanical science, of course, but what the science says about swinging),
  • How you can set up and swing in the same manner as a person and not as a machine,
  • The Fundamentals Trifecta, which include the explanations to:
  • The Grip,
  • The Ball Position,
  • The MCS Address Stance

dj addr top

From there, we will get into the swing itself:

  • Beginning the back swing,
  • How you power the back swing, the “floating pivot,”
  • What you should look like at the top of that back swing, more or less,
  • A couple of simple pivot drills to train the body to pivot rather than turn and shift

down swing seq dj

And of course, the fundamental basics of how to swing down from the top;

  • Using the hips and shoulders to visualize the down swing trigger,
  • The concept of “Staying Onside” or not breaking the “Line of Scrimmage,”
  • “Pulling” vs “Pushing” the golf swing, and how to use both sides to both “Pull & Push” the golf swing,
  • How to extend through impact rather than trying to “turn” through impact,
  • The follow-through and finish (the “Short Stop Slide)
  • Pivot drills to ingrain that down swing move from the top to impact, and from the top through impact to the finish

I’ve been working on it and should have it on Amazon within the next week or two, if anyone is interested.

Want to learn more about the MCS Golf Swing Theory? Try one of DJ’s “Secrets of the MCS”video shorts available via download.

hogan pivot

Or you can download the very latest MCS Golf Swing video “MCS – Perfect Pivot based on the flawless pivot action of Ben Hogan.**

**”MCS – Perfect Pivot” is Part 3 of the “MCS Golf Swing Trilogy,” now available for download!

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3 thoughts on ““The MCS Golf Swing” eBook – Coming To Amazon!

  1. Lance

    DJ going out with a bang! I’ll definitely pick this up when available. I like how you are leaving us with resources to refer back to when our swing needs a check-up.

    1. D Watts Post author

      You could say I’m doing a little housecleaning, and why not have a written MCS basic swing manual?

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