This Is What I Like – “IF I Can Help ONE Person…”

addr-imp2I’ve always been very gratified to hear anyone tell me that I’ve improved their golf swing, and a lot of the time, because they are so enthused with the game that they tell me it has improved the quality of their lives… well, you can’t say much about it except, “How about that?!?”

I received another such email about the MCS Swing Theory (improving the swing, nothing mentioned about the quality of life) this morning, and it never fails to tickle me.

I’ll just refer to him as as “Former Pro.”

He starts off:

I stumbled upon WAX Golf website recently and I could not believe what I saw. Your background story and how you started researching the swing, is pretty much the same as mine.

I would say he’s a more accomplished athlete than myself, but he continues, in part:

I am accomplished athlete like yourself. I played soccer at the professional level back home in Europe in the “80s … played competitive soccer, basketball, volleyball, and handball for my school, and played different sports at the recreational level (waterpolo, tennis, table tennis, etc.). As a natural athlete, I was always able to play any sport way above average.

And yet, when I started with golf last year I ran into all kinds of problems the same way you did.

Try this try that, but all the time in the background my athletic instinct was telling me that I am forcing my body to do something and my body is refusing to do it (rubber-banding, planted lead foot, etc.).  It did not take me long to figure out that there is something fundamentally wrong with the golf swing.

Do tell, former pro!

Aside: Isn’t it funny how these modern swing gurus talk about all of this theory and all of this concept when it comes to the modern swing, and how quickly anyone who has had a high level of athletic performance determines that it is just plain rubbish?

Well… almost anyone…

tiger new swing

Of course, this is nothing new in the world of the modern golf swing – it is not even a swing, it’s a series of positions that one is required to try to match, and then try to add speed and power.

It isn’t proper, and although you can play golf with the modern swing, it is not ideal, it is not mechanically sound, and for an athlete, that’s the deal-breaker.


Real athletes, because athleticism also requires athletic intellect in addition to physical ability, don’t break their backs swinging a golf club.

This is not to be harsh, it’s just my opinion – they catch on very quickly, or at least after that first back injury, that something is amiss, and then the search begins for a real swing, as with Former Pro:

I started researching and watching youtube videos of the players of the classic golf era and I noticed remarkable difference in how they swung the club (with natural movement of the full body).

And the thing I keep hearing about MCS and the general classic golf swing model – it’s what people did naturally, more or less, if they didn’t have modern golf swing lessons.

Funny thing is that when I started initially that is how I was swinging. Sure, it was not perfect, I probably even swayed a bit, but I am pretty sure that I was not breaking my back with planted foot and twisting my back as a pretzel, what I started doing after watching some modern instruction videos and taking lessons.

I … recently figured out the pivot (essentially your “MCS Perfect Pivot”), and I am noticing steady progress in my ball striking. Still lots of work to do but at least I know (more importantly I feel) that I am on the right track (which was not the case before).

Since I am 50 now, I guess I don’t have 20 years to spend figuring out all the things on my own, so having your MCS Trilogy will help with small hints which will help in building biomechanically sound golf swing that will work once and for all.

Thanks to “Former Pro” for that email, because I love to hear how MCS is getting people back on track (or on track to begin with), and I especially love to hear from former athletes who, in their twilight years, are going to be able to play a game for the rest of their days, and with the joy and athleticism that they enjoyed in their younger days.

Keep up the good work, FP!


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hogan pivot

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