Olympic Gold Medal Chance Wiped Out By Injury (Modern Golf Swing)

Ariya JutanugarnIf you were wondering what happened to Ariya Jutanugarn following her dazzling first-round of 65 at the Summer Olympic Games in Rio, look no further than her horrific modern golf swing model.

I’ve said before that you can win tournaments with the modern golf swing if you are determined to swing that way, whatever it does to your body, however…

Eventually the piper comes calling and wants his payment… then you’re where you were headed for a long way – injured because of your golf swing being horrifically unsound.

Case in point – let’s watch that swing…

Ariya Jutanugarn Slow Motion Swing

Aaaaand, I guess we can deduce with a good degree of accuracy, the source of that left knee injury… that happy little whistle, by the way, provided by an orthopedic surgeon waiting for her call…

Look at this pic below, of her at the top, and you can lay the blame for the first two problems “at the feet,” if you will, of the bottom or 3rd problem:

  • Lower back strain
  • Left Knee Strain
  • Planted-Heel Back Swing

Ariya Jutanugarn

This is a young, very strong and very athletically-inclined young lady who, out of the blue, it seems, has come down with a left knee injury that forced her out of an Olympic event while leading after the 1st day.

The dirty details, from Golfweek online:

One of the winningest female golfers of 2016 not only won’t claim gold at the Olympics but won’t even finish the event.

Ariya Jutanugarn withdrew from the Olympics on Friday, citing an injury to her left knee.

The turn of events is especially surprising considering where she was just two days ago. Jutanugarn actually held the first-round lead in Rio after a 6-under 65 on Wednesday.

Go figure.


Kinda makes you wonder how the Olympic competitors in hammer throw, shotput, javelin and discus can heave all of those heavier-than-a-golf-club implements without blowing out their knees and backs the way golfers are doing these modern golf swing days…

The classic golf swing won’t do that.

And I’m not making fun of the young lady.

What happened is a shame, but wholly and completely avoidable, had she been taught how to float that leading heel to prevent just this type of injury.

Carry on!

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7 thoughts on “Olympic Gold Medal Chance Wiped Out By Injury (Modern Golf Swing)

    1. D Watts Post author

      A simple fix that will go wanting, unfortunately. But it’s not as if no one has been talking about mechanically-correct golf swings. Just the wrong people, apparently! 😉

  1. DB Coop

    amazing how people can be so good at something and yet so inept at the same time. injuring oneself swinging a golf club is something i have yet to do. must be doing something right

    1. D Watts Post author

      I pulled a rib muscle back in 1997, my first year taking lessons (modern golf, of course), trying to hit 220 yard 5 irons on a cold day. First and last time I have hurt myself swinging a club, and I vowed never again.

      As far as my golf swing research between 2005-2016… not even close to hurting myself swing as hard as I could at times. It just should not happen.

      1. Jess LEUNG

        Well, I dislocated my spine when I tried to swing a 7 iron at full power when practicing (using the modern swing, of course). Fortunately my dad drove me straight to a bone master and fixed it before any long term injury is done.

        Not realizing what was the cause of the problem and kept on using the modern swing, which resulted in me costing 60 USD per week to fix my back pain after golf practice each week and my left knee started to ache.

        After switch to the MCS, all of my physical pain has alleviated and now its gone, and I can practice for a longer time than ever.

        1. D Watts Post author

          That’s great, Jess – you not only swing better, you’re saving money at the back specialists! LOL, that’s a win-win situation for MCS 😉

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