MCS Lovers – I’m Working On “MCS – Beyond PP”

dj imp drvI’m not saying that there is anything better than the MCS “Perfect Pivot” model…

but for those MCS lovers who can’t get enough of working on mechanics to improve one’s swing – I’m working on something for you.

I’ll call it simply “MCS – Beyond Perfect Pivot because that’s exactly what it is.

It’s been about six months since I began working on the “Perfect Pivot” video which I finished in May, and we all know that’s a long time in MCS chronology, during which I’ve (of course) come up with some new concepts on swinging MCS.

This was to be for my own benefit, but if there is any interest in what I’m working on myself with the swing, then I might be able to produce something by the end of this year’s season, to take you into the fall and winter.

Since the “Perfect Pivot” was completed, I got to spend nearly half a month (two one-week periods about a month apart) with Blake, whom you know is a Division I NCAA golfer on scholarship at McNeese State (starting his sophomore season soon), and in addition to the concepts I worked on with him, there’s more that I’ve been studying the past few weeks.

I also today made my best mechanical swings to date, which is something, considering how well I swung last time out, but as always, I’ve been thinking about the swing for a bit rather than just pounding balls, and thinking especially about the down swing phase from the top.

DJ’s Best Swings Yet

dj drv

What I’ve been looking for have been the address stance and the mechanical action from the top (if you want to change your impact position, that involves adjusting your address, if you don’t want to have any compensations in the motion), that will give me a perfect, low-heel, extended release at impact.

DJ Driver DTL

dj drv dtl

I’m not focusing on increasing my speed and distance, which are already pretty good – I’m trying to improve my actual stance and mechanics so that I generate the same speed and distance that I always have, with greater efficiency.


dj imp drv

As you can see, the very first frame post-impact has my right arm at full extension with the left arm, and getting through impact with nearly full extension makes the swing seem easier and with less effort, while the full leverage is employed to make it as powerful a swing as one that feels like a hard swing.

These swings (I have video of both face-on and down the line, real-time and slo-mo, which I’ll post when I have time) were as powerful and the balls traveled as far as I’ve ever hit them, but you notice how much quieter my swing looks.

The quieter, you get on the swing (look at the head when in motion to see how “quiet” your swing is), the more efficient your leverage.

Note: It will only be available on request, because I won’t sell it to anyone who doesn’t already have at least the “MCS – Perfect Pivot” video, as it’s a video that assumes you already have the basics down with the address stance and Ben Hogan’s “perfect pivot” move.

If that interests you, then you’ll love “Beyond PP,” because that’s what I’ve been up to the last few weeks on my own.

More later.


Want to learn more about the MCS Golf Swing Theory? Try one of DJ’s “Secrets of the MCS”video shorts available via download.

hogan pivot

Or you can download the very latest MCS Golf Swing video “MCS – Perfect Pivot based on the flawless pivot action of Ben Hogan.

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14 thoughts on “MCS Lovers – I’m Working On “MCS – Beyond PP”

  1. Lance

    I would so want a little section on pitches and chips. I would love to get an idea of your thought process when it comes to short chips to 50-80 yard pitches. What clubs you pull to how far back you need to take wedges etc. thanks DJ!!

    1. D Watts Post author

      I produced a “Short Shots” video a few years ago, Lance. It is woefully out of date with the research under the bridge in the years since – if people would like an updated “MCS Short Game” video, I’m sure I’d have time to do that before season’s end.

      Come to think of it, I did a good bit of work with Blake on the chipping and pitching aspect of an MCS swing, and it did him a world of good on the less-than-full shots…

      short shots

      Might actually be better to start with that one before the “Beyond PP” video… feedback would be helpful, Wax Nation!

      1. Renzo

        Here, here, DJ, I’m with Lance. That would be awesome, something on the short game first. So much to go over and over again on the full swing with The Trilogy, a change of pace would be nice before “Beyond PP”. That is my vote 🙂

        1. D Watts Post author

          I am surprised that I forgot about the short game video project before calling it a day, Renzo. I guess the focus on the swing and mechanics makes me assume people already are proficient at the shorter game shots.

          I haven’t made a short game video since “New MCS Short Shots” in the summer of 2013.

          Looks like it might be time to finish the swing, from chip to full, if that’s what you want!


          1. Renzo

            Never assume DJ, as they say.Some of us, emphasis some LOL, need work on all aspects of the game! But I do understand why the full swing is so important, we need to get it out there in the first place before we can worry about sticking that 50 yard shot close to the pin.

  2. jh32

    As always, I look forward to both of these topics. I have always enjoys what you have to say about the full swing, and the partial swing. Jim

  3. Jason

    Hi Dj,

    Finally got my hands on Chamblee’s book based on your recommendation. thanks so much!

    One quick question: what do you think about Chamblee advocating a slightly shut club face during the initial part of the backswing? I notice you open yours earlier – do you see this as a quirk of some of the great classic swingers?

    1. D Watts Post author

      That’s kind of like MA’s “counter-rotation” move, Jason, but I don’t like any manipulation of the club face during the swing.

      I prefer to just swing back and then down and through, and any thought of manipulating the club face at any point while swinging, I really don’t savor.

      That’s my personal preference tho. 🙂

  4. jason

    By the way, just noticed HKGolf. I’m also based in HK from Toronto. Maybe we should start the HK bureau of Waxgolf ha.

    1. D Watts Post author

      HK is indeed in HK, Jason – and correct, you’ve got the makings of a Wax Golf East Asia contingent! 😉

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