Extended Release Pt III (DTL)

7i post impJust a quick posting with the down the line swings from Saturday, in gif. form.

The thing about having the extended release is that you’re not turning – I’ve said before, there is “no turn in the swing,” only the pivot, whereas if you’re actually trying to time a  “turn” through impact, you’re just going to make things much more difficult than they have to be.

So, here are driver and 7i shown dtl in slow motion, so you can see that extension into impact and post-impact, before any turn to the target occurs.

7 Iron – Down The Line

7i dtl

7i down swing

7i post imp

It happens too quickly to see even in regular slow-mo, but when the down swing into impact is slowed down further, you can see that there is only a returning to square at impact with the shoulders, and not a turning into it.

Driver – Down The Line

Driver DTL

driver down swing

All of this “turning through impact” that you are told about in the modern golf garbage you watch on TV, is why the pros don’t know where their balls are going half the time.

It is very difficult to consistently time a swing where you’re trying to turn “to the target” through impact.

More later on.


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5 thoughts on “Extended Release Pt III (DTL)

  1. doubou2014

    Excellent angle to see what is happening. Can you comment on the position of the wrists and hands at impact? As you reach impact are you thinking of your wrists and hands as being in a particular position?

    1. D Watts Post author

      I don’t think of impact at all, doubou – I swing from the top to the finish and think nothing of hands or body in between.

      You can’t create an impact postion. You can only hope that you’ve done what is required in starting position and mechanics once in motion. Anything else would be manipulation.

        1. D Watts Post author

          I feel the weight of it, which is why I like to take the club past parallel, but I don’t think of the actual head itself with regards to impact. I swing down and then momentum takes me to the finish.

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