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“The MCS Golf Swing” eBook – Coming To Amazon!

addrsI am currently putting the finishing touches on an eBook that will be available on Amazon in the next week or two.

Tentatively titled “The MCS Golf Swing,” it will be basic primer in written form rather than video, laying out the basics of MCS Swing Theory.

It will include the following:

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Tiger Woods’ Downfall – Chasing Voodoo Biomechanics

foley-tigerNote: Originally Posted September 22, 2015 – and it’s pretty well clear now that Tiger is


I made mention yesterday of how Tiger Woods’ major winning ways basically came to a screeching halt when he left Hank Haney (although he was already in some trouble with his shifting address bias with HH) and embraced what I call the “Voodoo Biomechanics” of another coach.

Essentially, this is how I define something as “voodoo” anything – if you can’t find it anywhere but in the place it’s being sold, then there’s a strong chance it is voodoo.

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This Is What I Like – “IF I Can Help ONE Person…”

addr-imp2I’ve always been very gratified to hear anyone tell me that I’ve improved their golf swing, and a lot of the time, because they are so enthused with the game that they tell me it has improved the quality of their lives… well, you can’t say much about it except, “How about that?!?”

I received another such email about the MCS Swing Theory (improving the swing, nothing mentioned about the quality of life) this morning, and it never fails to tickle me.

I’ll just refer to him as as “Former Pro.”

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Here Is A Revelation – MCS Short Game Will Improve Your Full Swing

dj watts bunker shotIn fact, it should be the first thing anyone watches if they are new to MCS, as it will make the rest of the swing theory that much easier to get.

It’s a prediction I’m making, while I was thinking about the different shots in the short game upon which I’ll be touching.

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Olympic Gold Medal Chance Wiped Out By Injury (Modern Golf Swing)

Ariya JutanugarnIf you were wondering what happened to Ariya Jutanugarn following her dazzling first-round of 65 at the Summer Olympic Games in Rio, look no further than her horrific modern golf swing model.

I’ve said before that you can win tournaments with the modern golf swing if you are determined to swing that way, whatever it does to your body, however…

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When You Get Beyond Perfect Pivot…

dj topAnd by “beyond,” I am talking about not just knowing the positions and mechanical actions that comprise the MCS “Perfect Pivot” swing model…

I am talking about, once you have that, using your position and mechanics to make that full swing better and better each time you pick up a club.

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My Favourite Tragically Hip Song (Thanks Gordon Downie)

parkwood estateCanadian Waxers, I don’t know if you are aware that tomorrow night, one of Canada’s most cherised bands, The Tragically Hip, will perform the final show of their Machine Man Poem Tour, and we all know why it will be their final set.

Catch it streaming or simply listen to CBC Radio, or do what I’ll be doing, watching it live on CBC TV (pre-show at 8:00, show starts at 8:30pm EST), during a break from the Olympic coverage between 8 and 11.

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Update – MCS Short Shots & “Beyond PP” A Go

Olympia_2016_-_Rio.svg_-1200x1216I thank everyone for their feedback concerning the questions regarding any potential projects to end the 2016 season.

It seems there is enough interest in both the MCS Short Game shots video as well as the finishing touch to the MCS Triology, that being a video I’ll simply call “Beyond Perfect Pivot,” which will include more concepts on the Perfect Pivot swing action.

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MCS Lovers – I’m Working On “MCS – Beyond PP”

dj imp drvI’m not saying that there is anything better than the MCS “Perfect Pivot” model…

but for those MCS lovers who can’t get enough of working on mechanics to improve one’s swing – I’m working on something for you.

I’ll call it simply “MCS – Beyond Perfect Pivot because that’s exactly what it is.

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