MCS “Ultimate Leverage” Available Again

MCS StanceI have been declining requests from people who were interested in the MCS – Ultimate Leverage” video, simply because I had continued the Ultimate Leverage model with the “MCS – Perfect Pivot video from this past spring.

However, the problem with any of my previous videos is that so much of the old and original concepts are lost, since the whole point of a new video is to present new concepts and mechanical action explanations.

That said, I am relenting and will make “MCS – Ultimate Leverage available again to any who wish to have it.

It is actually the first video of what should be called the “Trilogy of the MCS Golf Swing.”

It all began when I took the summer of 2014 to really look into Ben Hogan’s swing mechanics, when I noticed one day that one thing he was said to do, he didn’t do.

That ultimately became the “Ben Hogan Project,” and that was when I began to develop what I consider to be the ultimate swing model – a right-biased, floating heel and “floating pivot” golf swing model that incorporated all of the necessary components to an optimal, athletic golf swing.

MCS “Ultimate Leverage”

MCS Stance

 $29.99 USD

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Note: The entire “MCS Golf Swing Trilogy” can be downloaded as the “Trilogy Combo Pack” for $79.99 USD here.

So, if you take the eventual continuing work with all level of swingers from high-handicap, high-level amateur, Division 1 college player and even teaching/playing professional level – you begin with Part 1 “MCS – Ultimate Leverage,” which video came from my building a swing model for a teaching and tournament playing pro.

Part 2 would have come in the form of the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing,” in which I explained the mechanics behind a planted-heel golf swing, and why it risks injury and inconsistency – and at the same time showed viewers the “MCS” way of swinging, if one absolutely insisted on it, with a planted or minimally lifting leading heel.

“Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing”

planted vs floating

Jack Nicklaus was also discussed, and the manner in which he achieved his personal ultimate leverage with the particular back swing mechanics he used.

The last and final video, I used to explain and demonstrate how the Ben Hogan pivot, combined with a “low-heel” impact position on the down swing, is what I consider to be the perfect pivot in a golf swing.

If you can pivot in the legs and hips the way Ben Hogan did, and you can properly sequence your down swing to create a low-heel impact position, then you would truly have the perfect pivot.

MCS “Perfect Pivot”

hogan pivot

So, looking back on the 3 videos, I can’t say that MCS “Ultimate Leverage,” the first of the final 3 videos, isn’t really Part 1 of 3…

And so, it will be available from today again, as part of the MCS Golf Swing collection.

Want to learn more about the MCS Golf Swing Theory? Try one of DJ’s “Secrets of the MCS”video shorts available via download.

hogan pivot

Or you can download the very latest MCS Golf Swing video “MCS – Perfect Pivot based on the flawless pivot action of Ben Hogan.

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6 thoughts on “MCS “Ultimate Leverage” Available Again

  1. Laser

    “Jack Nicklaus was also discussed…” Well, it’s always nice to get some validation, so how about this?

    1) The biggest flaw I can think of, more than anything else in the golf swing, is the tendency to think of and therefore perform the golf swing with the arms. ~ DJ Watts

    2) “I’m much more of a “legs” player than a “hands” player. This doesn’t mean my hands don’t play an important role in the swing—they definitely do. What it means is, my hands and wrists are subservient to my body and leg action; they’re followers, not leaders. Basically, my hands and wrists function as a hinge to store, then transmit the force created by my body and legs. So they come into play reflexively, with no conscious effort.” ~ Jack Nicklaus, 1977, Golf Digest

    1. D Watts Post author

      Basically, my hands and wrists function as a hinge to store, then transmit the force created by my body and legs. So they come into play reflexively, with no conscious effort.

      I couldn’t explain the pivot better if I tried, and this from Jack Nicklaus, nearly 40 years ago. Thanks for that catch, Laser – worth a posting all by itself, that quote!

      Happy PGA Championship Weekend

  2. Justin Case

    one of my favorites ever even if the next two were just as good or better. ultimate leverage is where you started raising the stakes on video making deej!

  3. mizunojones

    Hey DJ,

    Did you add to Ultimate Leverage or is it the original one.


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