Updated – Raw Speed & Power (& A Caddyshack Impression)

received_1063102347104229UpdateI found a swing clip where Blake was working on hitting some wedges and irons with his eyes closed.

The reason for that, of course – if you can adhere to the MCS principle of swinging with a stable head, then it shouldn’t be too hard to find the back of the ball, especially for the shorter clubs (shorter swings).

We worked hard on the swing, but as  you can see, you can have a little fun as well when working on it.  And yes, Blake was hitting balls with his eyes closed from wedge all the way up to Driver that day.  /update

Blake Does A “Danny From Caddyshack”

Original posting

I have said that I didn’t have much video of Blake from when we worked together in East Texas, because Blake is more of a feel learner than a visual one.

He doesn’t need or want to look at video, he gets a “feel” and then we would discuss how good or not good the swing was, and based on that feel, he could make adjustments in either his stance or his mechanics, so the camera wasn’t used much.

I still wish I’d taken more video though, because he’s got a great natural swing that we’re changing slightly to make it more MCS (mechanically-correct), and I know some who read this blog could watch him swing all day.

Blake Elliott Swings Driver – Pine Dunes GC

And for good reason!  Here are some swings from early in the week, while I took a look at his form and decided what we’d work on that day.

I may have some other video of some iron swings that I have yet to edit – I came across these driver swings in a folder I’d created and then forgotten about after my exhausting day flying home from Texas a couple of weeks ago.

So – it’s the eve of the PGA Championship, and I’ll be back tomorrow with an early look – but don’t look for World #1 Jason Day to do much, as I heard that he hadn’t even played a practice round before today due to illness (a cold? really?) and other issues.

See you all on Major Thursday!


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  1. Lance

    Hi DJ- hope all is well. I was checking out a swing from a classic golfer- an old tour who was born and raised and learned to play in my neck of the woods- Tony Lema. Pretty MCS I think!

        1. D Watts Post author

          There you have it. Excellent, Chief. Long time no talk gimme a shout sometime. 🙂

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