Open Sunday – Phil or Stenson?

phil-mickelsonIf I said that I had any clue who is going to win the Open this weekend, even going into the final round, I’d be lying.

I’m sure, of course, that it will be either Phil Mickelson or Henrik Stenson, who are 5 & 6 strokes ahead of 3rd place, but it’s Scotland and the weather could be a factor.

Either way, it should be an entertaining next few hours, as the Open nearly almost is.  I like both Mickelson and Stenson as players, so Phil winning his 6th major, or Stenson winning his 1st (and long overdue, IMO) would both be fun to see.

Stenson has been cool and composed, and this could simply be his week.

Will It Be Stenson’s Week?

Henrik Stenson of Sweden tees off on the first hole during the final round of the British Open golf Championship at Muirfield in Scotland

Phil will surely have something to say about that, and given that he’s already got 5 majors in his pocket, I don’t see nerves being that big an issue for him, versus Stenson, who carries an entire nation’s hopes for a first Swedish male major champion on his Viking shoulders.

The edge?

Stenson is hitting the ball much better than Mickelson, who is scrambling around the course – so given that Stenson leads by 1 going off, I give him the edge.

If not, Phil gets his 6th major title.

Any other result would be a shock, but that’s why they play all four days, isn’t it?  Ask Shane Lowry about that…

Enjoy the final round on Open Sunday, I sure will!

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10 thoughts on “Open Sunday – Phil or Stenson?

  1. peterallenby2013

    Phil – Stow the driver! (Though the 2 iron he hit yesterday on one tee ball as pretty amazing for its wayward-ness and Phil’s near reverse pivot!! Lucky for him the ball bounced off of a gorse bush branch..eeesh!))..Nevertheless, i like Phil’s chances IF he can roll the ball…

    Henrik – Gosh, is he powerful. And he can putt. Agree with you DJ, his mission will be to quell and calm the nerves…If he does so, he will be formidable..

    1. D Watts Post author

      If the #1 ball-striker on Tour can still those iron butterflies – I’ll go with the obvious choice.

      Phil would make me happy as well, on a geriatric level! 😉

  2. targettom

    oh geez, not you too DJ. 46 is not old, neither is 70. I know you’re kidding but the way these golf announcers talk you’d think a guy has one foot in the grave when he turns 40.

  3. targettom

    May I say that NBC has done stellar coverage of The Open. FOX needs to pay attention, they need to make major changes ( as does their partner USGA with a house cleaning from the top down.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’ve actually been watching it on Europe’s Sky Sports feed online – loving their coverage and announcing!

  4. targettom

    Feherty had some classic lines again this week. He called one bunker “a mineshaft”; and said a harbour seal would need a sweater to play Troon this week. LOL

    1. D Watts Post author

      Well, this is awkward… Feherty, McCord et al are the reason I decided to check out the Sky feed…and very happy that I did!

      1. targettom

        Feherty has toned it down since he joined NBC. I agree McCord is too over the top.
        BTW I am watching on a delayed tape so I just saw Phil knock it stiff at 1

  5. D Watts Post author

    Wow…if anyone is NOT watching The Open right now…you might want to.

    Mick and Stenson miles ahead of the field (Stenson ahead by 1 at -17) and the two have 9 birds and an eagle between them thru 10.

    A truly historic finish shaping up!

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