125 MPH Club Speed? Come On…

dj imp momentusI had to relinquish my title of “Longest Driver I Know Personally,” last week down in East Texas, because I couldn’t keep up with Blake when he got going with that leveraged swing.

I’ve got him by probably 80 lbs (35 kilos), but he’s producing so much power that I’d have to start working out again to match him (as in swing work, not gym work…).

We were hanging out at the range down the street from his home, near the end of my week there, and I grabbed the heavy driver (Momentus, 36-40oz) to demonstrate how you can still hit long drives with it – not by muscling it, but by leveraging it.

I was not too bad, hitting 280 yard drives or so (carry distance) with the limited-flight balls at that range (we had the trees and telephone/powerline posts laser measured out to always know how far the balls were flying), and then when I hit Blake’s driver, I was able to get some to the far end on one bounce.

dj heavy club

If you are leveraging the club properly, you will not hurt yourself, or at least you shouldn’t, because you’re swinging the whole body with an MCS swing.

Well, if I was pleased with that, Blake eventually wanted in on the action, so he grabbed the Momentus – and was hitting it out of the range on the fly, just past the start of the heavy brush and tall grass.

I was steaming.  I grabbed the Momentus back from him, and managed to get some balls out where I had already sent them, but not out of the range.

I swung that thing as hard as I physically could – to no avail.

To add insult to injury, when Blake switched over to his driver, he was sending limited-flight balls OUT of that place, over the power wires lining the end of the range.

20 feet in the air, out of the range, with limited-flight balls.

Gone, baby… GONE

I grudgingly conceded defeat, and Blake generously offered the consolation that I was swinging in my sandals, not golf spikes.

It didn’t matter – he started hitting his 3-wood, and those balls were leaving the range on the fly.

Unfortunately, that 3-wood didn’t survive my trip – he must have broken it, because something began rattling around in the head, and I’m wondering if TaylorMade has the capacity to make fairway metals that don’t break – it’s his 3rd broken TM metal head this year, and now I know why.

After he dropped me off at Dallas Forth Worth airport, he went to GolfSmith to check out some clubs, and while I was relaxing before boarding the flight to D.C., he reported to me that he was hitting some off-the-shelf drivers at 125 mph club impact speed on their tester.

So, this is how you drive the ball crazy distances, friends – not by hitting the gum, but by improving your swing efficiency.

And look at the club speed numbers of the top guys on Tour:

club speed

So, 125

That number, my friends, you can take to the bank.  I know he was in the 100-teens before we began working on his swing at the end of May, but he is gaining more and more power, the more he gets into that MCS leveraging stuff.

Because it’s leverage, not muscle power.

Big, BIG Leverage…

blake elliott driver

I made a comment a few weeks back, half in jest, that Blake is a long driver who plays golf, and I’m not laughing anymore – he has the game to make huge waves in the NCAA Div-1 golf pool in the future, if he gets going.

So I’m officially no longer the “Longest Driver I Know Personally.”

But to be honest – I’m quite alright with that, considering who it is who took my title…

PS: DJ doesn’t like to lose, so there may be some working out and range-hitting going on soon… fair warning, Blake!


7 thoughts on “125 MPH Club Speed? Come On…

  1. Mike Divot

    Great result, DJ. Don’t you want your pupils to surpass you? It’s the best advertisement you can have.

    I would like to see the kid succeed but not be obsessed by length. Does he hit it straight? (One assumes so but haven’t heard any commentary on that.) And can he golf the ball? Short game, course management.

    Will be keeping an eye for this kid for sure.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’m just kidding about the surpassing thing, MD – I love it, but my ego doesn’t, if you get my drift 😉

      I would like to see the kid succeed but not be obsessed by length.

      As for obsessed by length, we still don’t know his upper limits – he gets more powerful and longer every time we work together on his swing, and we’re both curious as to what he can do.

      The first key to hitting a 3/4 shot is to find out how far your full swing will send it… and it’s becoming almost comedic that every time we think we’ve got his max distances… he discovers another gear.

      He’s going to be a power player, of this there is no doubt, and power players don’t “dial it down” just for the sake of doing so.

      Bubba, DJ, Rory, Day, look at John Daly , Vijay & Tiger before them, and Snead and Nicklaus going all the way back – power players have an advantage, and they should use it, and I certainly won’t be telling Blake to “tone it down.” When you can hit it that long, you do, and with pleasure.

      Does he hit it straight? (One assumes so but haven’t heard any commentary on that.) And can he golf the ball?

      The fact that Blake got around Pine Dunes under par while working on swing changes, and that he shot a 73 from the Black (Tour) tees at Torrey Pines South, again during a week of swing changes, tells me he’ll be able to control the ball as well as blast it, so I’m going to sit back and see what he does.

      Enjoy your Sunday watching the Open! 🙂

    1. D Watts Post author

      My camera with the slo mo feature was on the blink last week…dropped too many times on windy days on the tripod…

      I will see what I managed to get, Tom.

  2. targettom

    p.s. I studied this young man’s swing then tried it at the range today. I added 15 yards on my 9 iron, which was already going quite good. So thanks to you both DJ [again]

    1. D Watts Post author

      He’s the real deal, Tom – got all the tools, now he just needs to put it all together in competition. Should be interesting!

  3. targettom

    I’d say he has a bright future. For the mental side, I would recommend he [anyone really] read the classic “Golf Is Not A Game of Perfect”

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