Blake Plays #2 At Pine Dunes GC – Long Drive

blake elliott driver impactI got Blake on video playing the 340 yard 2nd hole at Pine Dunes the first time we were on the course together last week, and this isn’t the -1 round that he shot after some swing changes – that was a couple of days later.

This was the day he played the front 9 trying out the first day’s changes, I mentioned that after playing some different shots from places on the 1st hole, he went -2 on the 8 holes afterward – here is an easy birdie on the 2nd.

Later in the week, he actually drove his tee shot into the front right bunker, but on this day, he said he mis-hit the drive slightly and it ended up just short of the green.

You can see what the classic golf swing allows a golfer to do.

Blake Plays the 2nd Hole – Pine Dunes GC

I reminded Blake that Jack Nicklaus, who was about Blake’s height, was a monster with persimmon driver and balata ball because of his leverage with that classic golf swing and especially the floating heel aspect of creating power with the hips instead of  muscle exertion.

blake elliott sequence down swing

I have a great down the line look at his back swing that will show the similarity between his and Nicklaus’ back swings, and that’s why a 5’9″ college player just weighs between 140-150 lbs can drive the ball crazy distances – he’s using the right body parts to do it, with seemingly little effort.

Nice impact position, I’d say…

blake elliott driver impact

I’ll have more later, right now I’m going to watch the 2nd round of the Open Championship, where Phil Mickelson still leads after his 69 this morning!

Should be a great weekend finish, with the names on the board so far…

More later!

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