Remember The “Throw Drill” From Years Ago? Well…

received_1063102347104229If you can grasp the concept of the “ball throw” drill that I first introduced back in 2013 with the “New MCS” video series (“The Formula,” “New MCS Full Swing”), then you will be off to the races.

Reason being – I showed Blake this concept yesterday while we worked on his down swing sequencing, and his big miss had one source that I finally caught yesterday – the left hip slide.

It was an old habit that he had when he was younger and played a big push-draw, and that’s the only kind of shot you’re going to hit successfully if you’re sliding the hips out of the “box” that you create at address.

The thing was he wasn’t doing it in Murietta when I was in California last month consulting with him, but that old habit came back out of the blue yesterday, and I was scratching my head wondering what was going on before I saw the hip slide.

Boom – New MCS Throw Drill

throw release

“Let’s do a little throw drill,” I said.

So, first we went over the down swing sequence and where he was sliding the hips even when he was trying not to (old habits can return, and they are a devil to get rid of if you aren’t sure of the proper sequencing), then I had him throw some balls.

You’ll notice something as well – I was trying to get him to not slide at all, so the aim point for his throw was off the right toe, but guess what?

Let’s Throw


He said he could get a really good down swing pivot action when he threw the ball at the driver ball positiion – exactly what’s in the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video as well as the New MCS video series, and without me telling him that!

Why did he come up with that diagonal aim point?

Well, because that’s the angle… the swing angle.  Yes, that swing angle…

And by the end of the session, the kid with the twisting left foot – had no twisting left foot.


Blake - Iron

Now, you don’t get rid of something like that in one day, so we’ll be working on it again today, but when you finally get a hold of what’s been causing that “big miss,” you can be sure that things are going to get a whole lot better, and quickly.

Back to work today, and I’m excited to get out and work some more on that down swing pivot.

More later.

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hogan pivot

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10 thoughts on “Remember The “Throw Drill” From Years Ago? Well…

  1. Donal Mooney

    Hi DJ that comment “He said he could get a really good down swing pivot action when he threw the ball at the driver ball position ” has given me new hope for when I get tired hips and the lower half don’t work left pulls, us oldies

    it’s only fun when your young.

    who said that? not me. back to the course.

  2. David

    Love that eureka moment DJ!!

    Started back to Arizona today from Ohio. Played with my old competitors Wednesday and after the first drive I had to move back. Man those guys got short lol.

    Played with the Lumberjack Dentist and son on Friday. A little grip and set up and Doc was good to go. Nick still is hitting it forever.

    The swinging gate is effortless for him and the lines for his driver are one Donald Ross never envisioned.

    Hi to Blake and Trey as well.

    1. D Watts Post author

      The boys say hey back, DK. Blake is rounding into form, I have some swings that I will post tomorrow, will blow you away.

      Glad to know you all had a good time in Ohio, safe drive home best to Mrs. DK!

  3. major tom

    love the straight left arm at the top, been working on that and striking it beautifully

  4. hansel777

    when you say “left hip slide”, are you referring to his left hip sliding towards the target on the downswing? if so, i think i may have the same issue.

    1. D Watts Post author

      If you think so, you’re probably correct, Hansel…get some video and you will see for sure.

      Remember, the hips pivot, they don’t slide. 😉

  5. Austin Burk

    I hope he can learn to keep the hips from sliding back and thru. That was one of his struggles this past spring. Impact zone isn’t big enough to slide that much. It came down to timing if he played well or not.

    But I love the left foot pivot, that’s great to see. Our goal before he left was to slow down and keep the hips near address until at least the downswing.

    The sky is the limit for him if he gets more control and accuracy. 👍

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