A Picture of Beauty

received_1063752347039229It’s day 3 (counting arrival day as 1) here in Bullard, Texas, and man is it hot down here in Longhorn country.

Question: How does 100F or 37.8C feel when it’s humid?

Answer: A lot hotter than that…

The consultation continues, and although I will be hard pressed to update regularly due to the schedule, I have a little break here and want to share a picture with you all, that I just love.

After our morning work mapping how to build a practice regimen (first you build the swing, then you construct a practice regime that will reinforce and solidify the model), Blake wanted to play a quick 9 holes before heading home to beat the mid-day heat…

He hit a drive downwind on the 501 yard par 5 fifth hole, which has a split fairway.

He took it down the right alley, drawing it around the trees at the front of the split, and we drove down after his ball.

I don’t know how close he came to hitting the two older gents ahead of us, because we assumed they were safely out of range, but when we got to his ball, we measured it at – get this – 109 yards to the middle flag placement.

Blake Hitting 2nd From 109 Yards – 501 Yard Par 5 Fifth – Pine Dunes G.C.


I called ahead to the two gents who were only about 40 yards ahead of us, where one was pitching to the green, to apologize if the tee shot had come a tad too close for comfort, but they were genial and invited us to play through after Blake had holed out for birdie with an easy wedge and two-putt.

That was just a highlight however – we were working on control and management, so that drive took me a little by surprise, but when this kid is on… he’s on.

The key, as with all golf swings, is not so much to improve the good shots, but to make the bad shots or missed shots better, so they will be playable, as he did today, where his worst shot was a little over-drawn 4 iron to the 225 yard par 3 sixth hole, into the front left bunker – and a splash and 3-footer for par does the trick.

Those are “misses” that one can live with, thank you very much.

We continue this afternoon when the sun is a little lower in the Texas sky, but things are progressing nicely for B.E.

More in the not too distant future, with any time!