The Left, Right & Full Body Swings

arms at addressI have blogged a good deal about how, even though we hold the golf club with both hands, we tend to be “dominant” with one side of our bodies or the other.

For example, you’ll have a right-handed swinger swinging right-handed, and they will be dominant with the righ hand, in the “throwing” or “pushing” type of visual to their swing action.

Conversely, you will have (for example, yours truly) a left-handed swinger swinging right-handed, and they will have a left arm dominance in their visual and action, “pulling” the swing with their leading arm and side.

The optimal action is the “full-body” swing, which coordinates both sides of the body, and while one may still have a dominant side in their visual, the swinger will be using the entire body consciously in a swing.

This is of course the most powerful action, and what one has to do in order to swing this way is to build the address stance that allows them to both “push” and “pull” in the down swing and still reach impact in the optimal position.

Why am I talking about this subject again?

Well, it’s because, in my search for the best visual concepts to aid people in swinging MCS, I have come up with one that, if testing bears out, is the concept of all concepts.

arms at address

Using this same concept, one can practice and hone a left-handed, right-handed or whole-body swing, proving my assertion that if performed properly, all three swings should look virtually the same.

That would be due to the fact that even with a right-handed dominant motion, while the attention is devoted to the right side, the left side is still there and must act in concert with the right.

The same goes for the left-dominant pulling swing – for it to be performed optimally, the right side is still there, and must act in concert to the left side during the swing, even if the focus is on the left.

That is how you arrive eventually at the “full-body” swing – if one is left-dominant, you perform the swing drills focusing on the right side, to get the feel of how the right side acts with a right-dominant swing.

For the right-handed “thrower,” you do the same, switching to focusing on the left side action with the drill.

Once you have figured out that the sides move the same way whichever side you isolate, you can then simply swing away with both sides, and this will shock you, if you haven’t been realizing your full leverage and power.

I usually know when I develop a concept whether it will work or not for others, but I still have to test it out on others – which I am about to do.

The fact that I am talking about it now, before I even name this concept, should tell you how confident I am in it.

The concept of concepts.

The Million-Dollar Baby…

More to come!

PS – Today is Canada’s national holiday, and since our American neighbors to the south celebrate yours on Monday the 4th, I’ll wish all concerned a great and safe Holiday Weekend!


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12 thoughts on “The Left, Right & Full Body Swings

  1. targettom

    Great post. Forgive me if this is posted in the wrong spot, but I was just listening to Billy Kratzert on Golf Central, and he was saying that Jack Nicklaus’ flying right elbow “… is how you create leverage”, and that trying to keep the right elbow down (under the club at the top of the swing) will cause one to lose leverage. To which Brandel said “Amen to that”. What is you opinion about those statements by Billy?

    1. major tom

      flying elbow rules! especially for broad shouldered golfers. that’s how couples hit it so far, check his elbow. other than his flat-footed swing (that likely caused his back issues) that’s some buttery action.

    2. D Watts Post author

      He had a very upright stance, high crank to the top – the elbow ended up where it did, and this is why I don’t over-analyze any one swinger’s idiosyncrasies.

      Nicklaus also had very sloppy footwork at times with the rolling front foot on the follow. He was the G.O.A.T. and had a great swing at most times, but not perfect…

  2. hkgolf

    Happy Canada National Day DJ!
    Hong Kong also celebrated 1 July as the anniversary of its handover from UK to China back in 1997 😊

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks HK! And I remember the ’97 handover… Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  3. lupz27

    Hey DJ off topic here, but since you are from Canada, and know more about it then I, where should a kid just playing hockey put his dominant hand on the stick?

    I always had my dominant hand as the lower hand, but know others who do the opposite, and play Left Handed even thou they are RH dominant.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hey Lupz! Good to see ya. 🙂

      There is no hard and fast rule, but most kids starting out tend to put their dominant hand on top the better to control the stick.

      That would turn most right handed kids into lefty hockey players, of which there are tons…then you get lefty golfers who are actually right-handed, of which Canada has the most.

      Not written in stone, but you’ll also find that older and stronger kids who take up the game will prefer to shoot right-handed as they are strong enough to control the stick with their off hand up top…

      And of course it’s not law… just my theory of how and why…

      1. lupz27

        Awesome thanks for the response, I will get my kid a straight blade, and allow him to choose which is more comfortable I guess.

        Work on the golf swing looks better than ever, I’m hoping to be able to get back into playing some next golf season, fingers crossed maybe the end of this season. Always keep an eye on the blog thou, lurking lol.

        1. D Watts Post author

          Straight blade is the right move! You’ll know pretty quick which way he’ll swing and then you can curve the blade or simply buy a right-handed stick.

          Good to know you’re still around 😉

  4. Lance

    DJ – put the perfect pivot to work at a course in Lake Tahoe today, and my ball striking was not bad. Thanks for the new video!

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