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MCS “Ultimate Leverage” Available Again

MCS StanceI have been declining requests from people who were interested in the MCS – Ultimate Leverage” video, simply because I had continued the Ultimate Leverage model with the “MCS – Perfect Pivot video from this past spring.

However, the problem with any of my previous videos is that so much of the old and original concepts are lost, since the whole point of a new video is to present new concepts and mechanical action explanations.

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Guess Who’s Back? Jason Day Makes Big Move On Day 2

jason dayWell, this again is why we play the tournament before awarding the trophy – there is no such thing as a guaranteed pick, even in the days of Tiger Woods (he may have won 14 majors, but 14 out of 46 means he wasn’t guaranteed to win a major between ’97 and ’08).

I was betting on Dustin Johnson continuing his insane run, but he’s apparently come back to earth (as will always happen) and won’t be playing this weekend.

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Why MCS Works – “Plain & Simple Is Always the Best”

z-newmcs-logoI got a wonderful email yesterday from someone who recently downloaded the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” and “MCS – Perfect Pivot” video combo.

While I may be biased in my own opinion of the MCS swing theory, I keep getting the same feedback regarding both the swing model theory and the videos – the videos are plain and simple, and MCS best represents what many used to do before the Modern Golf Swing models began to dominate instruction.

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Updated – Raw Speed & Power (& A Caddyshack Impression)

received_1063102347104229UpdateI found a swing clip where Blake was working on hitting some wedges and irons with his eyes closed.

The reason for that, of course – if you can adhere to the MCS principle of swinging with a stable head, then it shouldn’t be too hard to find the back of the ball, especially for the shorter clubs (shorter swings).

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Driving For Distance – Remember Impact

impsI have blogged on this topic before, but I cannot stress enough the importance of having optimal impact conditions when trying to drive the ball longer.

Improving impact will get you more distance, and faster, than trying to increase club impact speed.

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The “More Outside” Takeaway – DJ’s “Perfect Pivot” Swings

dj watts impact driverHere are some swings, face-on and down the line, of what my swing looks like taking the club away a little more “outside” than the “straight inside” path I’d been using since completing my personal MCS “Perfect Pivot” swing model.

As we discussed before, it seems that you can use the outside takeaway to eliminate both a too-right and too-left path at impact.

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Dustin Johnson Is Simply Awesome

dustin johnson topIf you’ve been paying attention to this season’s PGA Tour events, you may still have missed out on the sleeper player of the year so far, and that’s Dustin Johnson.

It’s not just the first major win, taking the U.S. Open at Oakmont – that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of a season that is taking on epic proportions for DJ.

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Once Again – Why Jack Nicklaus’ Swing Was So Great

jack nicklaus - blake elliottI’ve held Jack Nicklaus up as the greatest golfer of all time, and for more than just that he won 18 majors.

He won 18 to Tiger Woods’ 14, and throw in 19 runner-up finishes to Phil Mickelson’s 11 to date.

The most majors ever, won over a span of 25 years (a quarter century!), compared to Woods’ 11 years of major winning, the most runner-up finishes, and the 3rd most total wins on Tour.

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Jordan Spieth On Hitting Wedges…

spieth wedgeGolfdigest and are publications who just always seem to be posting face-palm type articles, most likely because of the lag time in publishing something in a magazine after the initial thought.

You know, the type of articles that look more like a tongue-in-cheek poke than actual advice for the struggling golfer.

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Back In The Saddle (Swinging Again!)

djI got the swinging bug again down in East Texas a couple of weeks ago – there was a moment when Blake had mentioned just sitting and watching me swing myself, and taking notes.

So one morning, I said, “So you want me to hit some balls?”

He nodded, and that was that.

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