Jordan Spieth & Dustin Johnson Paired Together @ Bridgestone


dustin johnson topIf you’re looking for an interesting pairing in today’s 1st round of the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, Dustin Johnson, reigning U.S. Open Champion and Jordan Spieth have just teed off and will be playing together today and tomorrow, with Justin Rose rounding out the 3-some.

I don’t normally watch 1st and 2nd rounds of non-major events anymore due to the abysmal televised coverage, I will settle in to watch this particular pairing.


It will be a pairing featuring perhaps the worst swing, technically speaking, on Tour, with one of the smoothest and longest swingers in Tour history.

dustin numbers

Hole 1 – As I post, Jordan Spieth has just missed the 1st green from the fairway at 97 yards with wedge in hand (long over the green), and Rose and DJ are putting for birdie from about 10 feet each.

Get used to this, the rough is looking juicy as well – could be a long day for JS.

We’ll see though.

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hogan pivot

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6 thoughts on “Jordan Spieth & Dustin Johnson Paired Together @ Bridgestone

  1. D Watts Post author

    What a ridiculous discussion (more so than usual, I mean) I just heard between the talking heads on Golf Channel regarding J. Spieth’s swing woes.

    Here’s a clue, geniuses – he’s swinging with a planted heel and restricted hips on the back swing. Everything else is static noise.


  2. DB Coop

    dude hit like 4 greens all day and finished 2 under. whats the point of tee shots and approaches just have them all putt and give Speith the trophy

    1. D Watts Post author

      Wow, that was a painful few hours.

      Thankfully, it’s over until tomorrow. I don’t know why I do this to myself…

  3. targettom

    did you hear them saying noted Sean Foley client/victim Justin Rose is having back problems? I recall at the start of the year they were saying he was ‘floating’ his left heel for more distance but it appears he is back to the planted foot. Duh

    1. D Watts Post author

      I noticed a while back that he’d stopped floating the heel, around the time his back issues were coming to light.

      And this is the problem with these guys – even if they are blind and happen to find the nut anyway, they nibble on it for a while and then go searching for another nut.

      Rose hit it well floating the heel for a time, then other swing flaws likely led to some bad swings or rounds, and off he goes looking for another solution when the floating heel was it.

  4. targettom

    LOL. Watching Rory this morning before we head out to the course. It seems with many of the current young golfers they have only one swing speed – THE MAX. Is the idea of swinging at less than maximum effort completely unknown to them, as like the floating heel classic swing? E.g. Rory is missing the fairways by a wide margin. But his end of swing pose is pretty, maybe that’s all he’s looking for.

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