Restricted Hips – Shankaroni (Jon Rahm)

john rahm shank impactAnyone catch the Quicken Loans National last weekend?

I happened to watch it here and there and, incredibly, I was watching it live on TV when Jon Rahm hit the first ever Shot Tracker shank caught on televised golf coverage.

It wasn’t pretty… if you have any qualms about watching shanks, you can stop right here…

We’ve seen Hunter Mahan shank a wedge, Tiger Woods shanking some pitch shots, Jordan Spieth shanking one off a range marker, and now John Rahm makes another entry in the “restricted hips = shanks galore” category.

Rahm Shanks An 8 Iron

Of course, I am amazed that Rahm gets the club head on the ball at all with that restricted hip back swing and change of direction at the top.

Not even the top, more like half to 3/4’s back… that is one short and fast swing tempo.

Have A Seat, John

rahm address

Here’s a hint as well – if you look like you’re sitting on a stool when you’re at address, then you may have a little too much “squat” in that stance… just saying…

And of course, let’s replay the shank hits from the Modern Golf Swing crew:

Jordan Spieth Shanks It On The Range

Tiger Woods Hosel-Rockets

Hunter Mahan – Wedge

mahan shank

Ian Poulter Dead-Shanks It


9 thoughts on “Restricted Hips – Shankaroni (Jon Rahm)

  1. DB Coop

    amazing how that club face twisted down like that. you gotta work hard to hit the ball on that part of the hosel

    1. D Watts Post author

      You should see a driver head in slo-mo… I’ve hit heel and toe shots that looked perfect flight-wise, but upon looking at the video… I can’t believe the heads can twist that much and not snap off!

  2. targettom

    He’s the ‘hot young golfer’ flavour of the month at the moment. Perhaps that was the golfing gods answer to his statement about 19 majors

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’ll have to Google that, I don’t know anything about his comments regarding 19 majors – hopefully not that he has a chance to do that?

      1. targettom

        He expects to be the GOAT. Nice to have confidence but…. it seemed to me, and the analysts who discussed it, that he is under the impression its pretty easy to get to 19. I’m no swing expert but with his swing, I just don’t see it happening.

        1. D Watts Post author

          Nice to have confidence, yes – but make sure it’s not delusion. I suggest winning that 1st major before putting up a number, but that’s just my opinion…

  3. Mike Divot

    Man, he looks so cramped and bunched up in the front on view. It is amazing he gets club on ball at all. That’s the most stacked and tilted swing I’ve ever seen.

    But … with those restricted hips … at least he shanked it with power!

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