U.S. Open Friday Thread – Hot Weekend In Store!

oakmont-country-club-9413After the rain and gloom yesterday slowing things down at Oakmont, it looks like the rest of the weekend is going be sunny and hot, hot, hot…

Big surprise so far – Rory McIlroy turned in a 77 and sits 11 off the lead of -4, and unless he does something special today, he’ll be missing the cut.

Some other observations:

Bryson DeChambeau takes the Trainwreck Of The Day award for Thursday’s partial round – after bogeying his opening hole, DeChambeau made 4 birdies over the next 7 holes – then went double-double on 18 and 1, giving back every one of those birds.


He finished at +1 and is well below the cut line, so he will make a good payday if he can improve on that score in the 2nd round later today.

The more I see of that swing of his, I have to say, the less I like it.  Another 6’1″ player with way less power than he should have, if he were using a classic golf swing.

Jordan Spieth is better than I expected at +2 and currently T54 (I thought he’d do even worse, but the soft conditions really helped him out).


But my prediction that he would struggle and perhaps miss the cut will hinge on his 2nd round performance, but with things drying out and firming up, +2 might be a good score for him.

Jason Day and Dustin Johnson are just teeing off their 1st rounds, due to the suspension of play yesterday, so we’ll see how they do.

Looks like a gorgeous Father’s Day weekend shaping up here in my neck of the woods, and I’ll bid you all a great Friday (it can’t be too bad watching major championship golf, which is what I’ll be doing).

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5 thoughts on “U.S. Open Friday Thread – Hot Weekend In Store!

  1. D Watts Post author

    And Jason Day is a +4 through 8 holes (wondering if he’s healthy this week)… so none of the Big 3 are in the Top 50 and McIlroy & Day are on the wrong side of the cut line…

  2. targettom

    Dechambeau – if a cigar store wooden indian tried to swing a club, he’d look like that…. And be afraid of getting his pretty pants dirty

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’m getting the distinct impression that you don’t care for young Bryson, Tom 😉

      I actually don’t mind him, when he’s not talking, and when the announcers don’t talk about him. He just seems so lacking in humility or self-awareness when he does, and they just lack any perspective at all when they do.

      Notables near the lead – Lee Westwood at -3, Sergio Garcia & Dustin Johnson both currently at -2, and Bubba Watson & Phil Mickelson at -1

  3. targettom

    I know a pretentious &$#@@ when I see one. Yesterday they had a mic on him while he was talking to a guy with a stimpmeter. He was questioning the accuracy of the stimpmeter, which is hilarious in itself. He was trying to spout some trig mumbo jumbo to pretend he is smarter than everyone else.

    At the end of his soliloquy the USGA man said “and what does that do for you?”. BD replied, “it lets you know that not all putts will go in”, then he smiled sheepishly when he realized that everything he said was nonsense and all he had as a conclusion was Captain Obvious.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I will give his youth the explanation for now but for someone who is so intelligent (as we keep hearing), I’m waiting for him to figure out his modern golf swing move…isn’t it…

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