Classic Golf Swing In Division I College – Looking Good…

blake extensionSo, I really have to post a swing video clip of Blake Elliott, whom as I mentioned I consulted with on his swing a couple of weeks back on my trip to Southern California.

The question will invariably arise in the wake of Brandel Chamblee’s book on the Classic Golf Swing and how terrible the Modern Golf Swing is – “OK, so where are the classic golf swingers?”

Well, here’s one – this is a 100% classic swing throwback to the days of old, and it is something to behold in person.

Blake is heading back to his home state of Texas later this month, and he’ll then begin the final preparations for getting his MCS swing into battle shape for the upcoming NCAA college golf season (Division I, sophomore).

He’ll be representing McNeese State, and I’ll be keeping tabs on him, to be sure – I’ll make sure to let Wax Nation know how he’s doing as well.

Blake Elliott Hitting Driver @ Murrietta Golf Range – May 29, 2016

Now, that swing has been changed a little from there, as this was his swing the day before he hit upon his adjustment (his right arm is 2″ longer than his left), and we’re working on a couple of other things as well, but there’s nothing much wrong with the swings above!

This is a driver swing of his from yesterday, as a matter of fact, as we worked on his hip action from the top, and you’ll see that he’s already beginning to get that left foot much more stable into and through impact:

MCS Leverage…

blake driver dtl

Can’t wait to see how he does on his return to college at summer’s end!

Hard to make predictions at this stage, but if Blake shows any of what he showed me while worked on his swing – all I can say is “sky’s the limit.”

One thing I can predict however – this line from his freshman semester at McNeese State… is going to look a lot different, score-wise:

Totals 8 tournaments; 23 rounds 1,740 – avg 75.65low rd 69

blake extension


6 thoughts on “Classic Golf Swing In Division I College – Looking Good…

    1. D Watts Post author

      He was already a good one, DB – but I am doing my best to help him become evem better! 😉

    1. D Watts Post author

      I don’t have exact numbers, JC, because he’s going for true re-fitting when he goes back to Texas.

      However, he did go yesterday to get a 5w to add to his bag, and to replace the TM 3 wood he cracked this week (the 2nd TaylorMade 3w head he’s broken this year, what’s with that, TM?).

      He hit a few drivers and his club speed was in the low 120’s, and his ball speed was in the high 170’s, so he’s not even getting 1.5 smash, though his launch numbers are superb.

      We should have a better idea of what his numbers are in a month or so…

    1. D Watts Post author

      Having seen in person how far he can send it, I have no doubt that he’d be Top 10 in the power rankings if he made the pro bigs. And at 5’9″ and 140… that’s no slouch.

      I’m waiting to see the baseline but every time we work on the swing, he gets faster and longer – my concern is making sure he doesn’t injure himself before we get everything in place (with that speed, injuries are easy to come by without a mechanically-sound swing), and of course him getting back to work on the short game and putting, which was looking pretty sharp even after he took a week off them.

      Another Texan prodigy?

      We’ll see, and I’m betting soon!

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