Position Is Key To A Consistent Golf Swing

addr-topIf there is one thing you should work on with regards to your golf swing, and especially if you are an MCS (or trying to be MCS) swinger is – position.

Like the 3 Most Important Things In Real Estate, the similar refrain for the golf swing would be that those 3 Most Important Things are 1. Position, 2. Position and 3. Position.

This applies even more to high level golfers, who while they may not realize it, are that successful simply due to possessing a greater skill set than the average person with things regarding hand-eye coordination and focus.

But it still surprises me (because to me, the very essence of building a proper swing is found in the address stance) that many high level swingers (and of course, all the way down to beginners) don’t make the connection between getting out of position in their stance and struggling to swing well on a particular day.

This is not to criticize you if you’ve been neglecting to make sure of your position – it’s that until you make that connection between swinging properly and consistently from day to day and having your proper position, you will have “those days,” and likely more than you care to have.

I have become accustomed now, as I work with various skill sets of swingers in consultation, that almost invariably, a particular problem that has arisen has done so because one got out of proper address position.


Prediction: If you are trying to swing MCS and you don’t do the position-finding drills that I have come up with, if you don’t make sure of your position before every swing – you will struggle, and you will wonder why.


Because everyone in sports, when it comes to technical moves, has “on days” and “off days.”  It’s part of being a living, breathing creature with biological cycles, not to mention external influences.

Q: Would you swing and play as well after an all-night drinking binge followed by 2 or 3 hours of sleep compared to, say, having turned in at an early hour and gotten a full night’s rest?

That’s just one example. There’s a reason we train, eat certain foods and sometimes follow curfews in sports competition – we know what can affect performance.

And let me tell you, with something as precise as having to strike a golf ball on a certain line and a certain distance – you’re going to have “on days” and “off days.”

DJ Watts Torrey Pines range

And, just as in shooting free-throws or throwing darts – position is paramount to maintaining a certain level of performance when you’re “off,” and it goes without saying that a swinger with good form is going to sizzle when that swinger is “on.”

To become a proficient swinger, you can do it any number of ways.

One of these ways is to stand on a range or course for hours a day, hitting hundreds of balls until you groove a swing motion.

That’s also a perfect way to play very well one day and to play horrifically another day, because any swing predicated robotic repetition from improper positions, or on “feel,” will be very inconsistent, because we are humans and not machines.

What’s the one thing you should learn from the Iron Byron, even though we can and never will swing as consistently as this machine?

Iron Byron

iron byron

Well, for me, it’s that the Iron Byron never changes its position – it is moved to or stationed at a certain spot, and from there, it doesn’t get taller or shorter, it doesn’t lean more or less left or right from swing to swing, and it doesn’t vary the ball placement for the standard swing.

That’s what you call consistency in position and motion.

So, you can build a mechanically-sound swing, and there will be days you feel you can’t miss, because you’re likely in proper position, or you’re close enough to it that your natural abilities allow you to create good ball-striking.

And, as has happened to everyone – even with that mechanically-correct motion, if you’re hitting balls and wondering where that great swing went from yesterday or the day before – have you been making sure of your position?

I bet not.

I have had more than one person email or call me and say in amazement, “DJ, I watched the video again and I couldn’t believe I wasn’t doing XYZ, I completely missed that,” or “Even after watching the video, I wasn’t getting into the proper XYZ position, and once I did…”

And this is my point – a video is not something to be watched once or twice, and then off you go to do it all from memory.

It is a reference guide.

You should refer to that video constantly, until you are quite tired of both my voice and face, and not because I am overly vain – it’s because there is so much content in any video I produce on the swing, that you have to keep watching and referring to it, until you can build your stance properly on each and every swing, and you can “feel” what the proper stance involves.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago how, when I was in Southern California consulting with Blake and his dad on Blake’s swing mechanics, that he challenged me to hit a drive while we went around Rancho California GC on his practice round.

DJ’s First Swing Of The Day – 320 Yard Drive

And I told you all how, without having taken one swing the entire day, I took his driver from him and hit a near-flawless 320 yarder on that particular hole.

And all it is, my friends, is that I know my position, and if I take the time to build my stance, even without having made a bunch of warm up swings or having played – if I get it right, it’s hard not to hit a decent shot.


And I can do that because I practiced my stance quite a bit.  There are only two real aspects to a golf swing, remember – stance, and mechanical action.

You can have all of the proper mechanical action you desire, but if you’re out of position when you swing, you’re going to be reacting, and not just swinging.

So, if you don’t know whether your stance is proper and consistent from swing to swing – first problem.

If you don’t even know quite what a proper stance is, because you watched the video once or twice and now can’t remember most of the stance part – another problem.

If you think that you’ve “got it” after watching the video a few times and you figure you’ll “take it from here” and do your own thing – I don’t know what to tell you, except, “Bad idea…”

Make sure of your position – the swing 90% position and 10% mechanical action, and if you’re obsessing on the action and neglecting position – you’re making it so much harder than it has to be.

The “Perfect Pivot” action especially, has to be performed from a specific position, or it won’t be anything close to what you see on video and what you’re trying to replicate yourself.




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hogan pivot

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