Friday Fun – Putting At Torrey Pines South…

par putt torreyI will be returning to my regular blogging this weekend, having taken the past week to digest the trip to Southern California and to get back to work on Blake’s swing with him.

What I am coming to appreciate more and more, since my return, are the pictures and videos I took at Torrey Pines when I followed Blake and his dad Trey around the South Course.

This whole outing come about after a young college player (you see him in the orange shirt) met Blake hitting balls at Murrietta’s driving range (he couldn’t believe how a kid Blake’s size was mashing the ball), and a friendly conversation led to an invite to play Torrey Pines the following Friday.

So, imagine my delight when I found out before flying down that I might get to see the historic Torrey Pines South course, on which Tiger Woods won 7 Farmers Insurance Open events (formerly called the Buick) and also the ’08 U.S. Open, most famously his last and 14th major title won.

I had no intention of playing (I probably hit a total of 50 balls the entire week I was down there) – I told Trey that if it took a green fee to get onto the course, so be it, but if I could just ride around with Blake and watch him play, then that was good enough for this swing guy, and that’s exactly what I did.

I did play the 18th hole, however, as it was the end of the day for us and Blake had already teed off.

I hit the ball down the right side into the fog, missed the fairway, scuffed a 3 iron trying to hit a little hook runner around the fairway trees, and then hit a nice PW from the rough at 154 yards to the hole, where my ball landed on the green and backed up a foot or so to the front fringe – still looking at birdie on the finishing par 5 hole!

Unfortunately my first putt of the day was a big pull that just kept hooking, leaving me with the hanging par putt you see below, and I don’t care that I missed it badly (I say in disgust as the clip ends, “I’m not posting that one!”) – I played the 18th hole on Torrey Pines South, and that was good enough for me.

DJ Makes Bogey On 18 At Torrey Pines South

I didn’t get much video or many pics after our barrage of initial shots of the course and clubhouse, because of the heavy fog that greyed everything out – not much to shoot, so I focused on the golf being played that day.

It was a day to see how Blake’s swing held up on a pro-length golf course, and, he didn’t disappoint, as I wrote earlier.

Of course it wasn’t pro tournament conditions, so you have to take his 73 from the tips with that grain of salt – but the distances he and Kyle played most of the course, was from the Black pro tips.


Blake Putts For Birdie – Hole 13, Torrey South

On the monster 600+ yard 13th hole (par 5 of course), Blake had just parred the diabolical 500+ yard 12th hole, and he pumped a huge drive down the middle.

He didn’t hit a great 2nd shot with his 3 wood, but it was good enough to leave him a wedge pitch up the slope short of the green, and he missed a very make-able birdie putt there.

It’s scary to think that if he’d made a couple of putts that length, he could have easily shot under par playing it for the first time – on a course with a 77 rating… not bad…

So, have a great weekend, everyone, and we all know that Sunday night will be the kick-off for U.S. Open week – anyone have any predictions they want to make?

Other than that Jordan Spieth, far from winning, struggles and perhaps misses the cut if he is swinging like he has been the past month?

That’s been my call since the season began – he can’t win on courses that have actual trouble off the fairways, whereas he does very well on courses where you can spray the ball anywhere and still have a shot to the green… but we’ll see!

par putt torrey

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4 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Putting At Torrey Pines South…

  1. David

    I have not played Oakmont since they removed all the trees but I do remember the waist high fescue that played havoc with any length shot. Angel Cabrera driver won it for him last time. You have to drive it straight there and then those GREENS!!! Should be a fun event to view.

    1. D Watts Post author

      No one who is playing from the rough half the holes is going to win this. Not exactly an earth-shattering prediction if and when it comes true… and sorry about the Cavs last night, DK (or should I say, “Sorry to Nancy”) – GS is just too strong.

  2. Chief Cowpie

    Good stuff DJ! Golf besides being a refinement of technique in pursuit of perfection which Blake has taken some quantum leaps in the past few weeks is played amidst the panorama of the best nature has to show.

    He has as well elevated the trajectory of his game to an elite level with the all sights of his imagination doable which speaks both highly of him and the years of your swing research culminating in the genius (yes genius and not used lightly) swing theories of MCS.

    1. D Watts Post author

      No genius here, Chief – just a lot of hard work and stubborn determination to figure something out which I set out to figure, way back when – but I agree with your thoughts on Blake. A naturally gifted golfer who is just beginning to cultivate that raw talent.

      To see him drop that 73 on Torrey South during a week of swing changes – only scratching the surface, I predict! 😀

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