“First You Get The Power…Then You Get The Control…”

blake before-afterI think the Al Pacino line from Scarface goes a little differently, but this is how you would describe a power swinger’s mentality, and it’s been proven by more than one PGA Tour big hitter.

Jack Nicklaus, the greatest ever, said that as a boy, he first learned how to hit the ball a long way, then he learned how to control the ball.

John Daly – the same thing. He honed his swing on a driving range in Arkansas, and the first thing he did was figure out how to kill it -then he worried about accuracy afterward.

And this is the difference between a “power swinger” and one who isn’t. You have to have the mentality that is opposite from the plunking swinger who wants accuracy over power.

So, this is why most golfers can’t play golf while making swing changes – they worry too much about result and don’t put enough work into the process.

If you can get a power hitter who is used to not knowing where the ball is going, it’s so much easier to work with them, because when making changes, you will experience a breakdown of consistency, even the little consistency you had, before you improve.

I had no such problem with accuracy concerns when I consulted with Blake Elliott, who as I mentioned already had the game to score a spot on a Division I college team (McNeese State) – was already a long hitter who had concerns about his control, so the first couple of days when the ball was going all over the place as we worked on some changes – not an issue.

Blake – Iron DTL Before

blake iron dtl before

By the 3rd day, things began to settle down and he played better and swung better each day – because we got through the changes where most people hit a few bad shots and say, “No I was better the old way…”

Sure, and that’s why you wanted to change your swing.

With a player who is focused on accuracy, it’s very difficult to make changes with them because they will abandon the changes as soon as their accuracy fails, which is going to happen while making swing changes.

So, they won’t make changes because the change period affects their accuracy – but their consistency and accuracy were the reason they wanted to make changes to begin with!

So, give me a power hitter and I’ll have fun making changes to make him more consistent, because his power won’t be affected while we work.

For example, I knew Blake was going to have to change his post-impact because of how his left foot would spin out on the heel, J.B. Holmes style – and that’s a different move from the ankle-roll of Jordan Spieth, but still not good.

It’s a power leak and will affect consistency and accuracy, so I knew after the week-long consultation that Blake had ended that we would have to address that issue.

That’s also why we got along so well – I told him at the outset that everything wouldn’t be perfect after a week, but he’d be swinging much better, and not to worry about the things we hadn’t fixed yet – he would have a great swinging summer, and we’d straighten out the other things as we went along.

So, the spinning foot – it wasn’t a physical harm threat, and it wasn’t making his accuracy or consistency worse than before we began to make changes, because it was there before I landed in Southern California.

So, now that we’ve made the changes to where I wanted to see him, we’ve addressed the foot issue, which is merely a symptom of an issue and not the issue itself.

Blake – Iron DTL After

blake iron dtl after

For example, simply telling someone to “Stop spinning on your left foot,” is a fairly useless admonishment – even if the swinger knows why they’re doing it, they either don’t know how to stop doing it with mechanics changes, or they simply believe that it’s a necessary move to produce the swing that makes them successful.

And that’s where kinesiology comes in, even if it’s self-taught – I know why the leading foot spins on the heel, and so I can explain why it happens, and how to eliminate it.

Left Foot Stability = More Power & Consistency

left foot

With Blake, we couldn’t even address that until he properly understood the down swing leverage process and how his hips (he has among the quickest hips I’ve ever seen) produce that action if something is impeding that hip turn.

His anchored right toe produced that heel spin, so I went back to his controlled swing (when you hear me mention the ‘9 O’Clock Special,’ that’s what I’m talking about) and explored with him why it was so effective.

Then I took it a step further and demonstrated how he could do the same thing with a full swing, and the proper post-impact footwork, and in one day, he produced a swing clip that made me sit up.

Blake – Before & After

blake before-after

I believe the response I sent was, “Yes, yes, YES!”

The work continues, but after seeing that clip yesterday on the first day we began to address the change – a very encouraging sign for this young man.

It’s not a low-heel impact yet, but I think Mike Dunaway would love this move, what do you think?

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