On Leverage Pt II

blake elliot address to impact torrey pinesHere is a swing sequence of Blake from address to just post-impact, and you can see why he hits it such a long way now even with his slim build – the “perfect pivot” action puts him in an awesome leverage position at the top and the rest is poetry in motion.

The funny story from the trip to Murrietta is that, before I went down, his dad and I had discussed where his trouble points were and what he needed to get settled for the upcoming college season.

One comment I made was that, even though he was already a pretty long hitter, the changes he’d make to get him more consistency and accuracy would also make him even longer, perhaps by 10-15 yards off the tee with his driver and a half-club with his other clubs, distance-wise.

Well, you know DJ always under-promises and over-delivers – Blake is 30-40 yards longer now than he was before last week’s consultation, and he’s actually producing that extra distance with less effort.

“I’m 40 yards longer and I’m swinging easier!” he said at one point, laughing in disbelief.

“OK, I was wrong,” I laughed with he and Trey after Tuesday’s round at Temecula Creek Inn, “I said 10-15 extra yards, I guess I was off by an order of magnitude or two…”

Big Hitter – Torrey Pines South 17 Tee

blake 17 tee torrey pines

Here is his drive from the 445 yard 17th hole (par 4) tee at Torrey Pines South course last Friday – he crushed another one down the middle of the fairway and had wedge to the green…

A couple of things about the swing above – yup, he’s got the left foot turning on the follow-through, something we discussed near the end of the week and which he’ll be working on ameliorating (but right now it’s required until he makes the requisite changes, to prevent him blowing out his left knee post-impact with his speed), and you’ll also notice that was hitting a “don’t-go-left” drive here, hence the helicopter finish.

So, even with a cut-off release, he was pounding it 300+ plus and without a fear of left – I asked him after the round if he’d really thought about anything left, and he’d said, nope, no fear at all with the stinger move he’ll be working on perfecting all summer.

Sequence Address  to Impact – 17 Tee Torrey Pines South

blake elliot address to impact torrey pines

Hey, it’s a great weapon to have in your bag – even while you don’t have to hit a 200 yard 7 iron, knowing that you produce that power when needed, and of course that you can use a shorter iron to your target with less effort- for example, the birdie he made on the par 3 eighth hole (178 yards) at Torrey Pines South came when he stuffed a smooth 8 iron to within 3 feet for an easy putt…

You can’t buy power, my friends – but you can produce it with your technique!

Pivot Drillfullpivot

PS – Any of you who are MCS‘ing your swing with the new “MCS – Perfect Pivot video – if you aren’t doing the pivot drill that I have laid out in that video, you’re losing out – I saw Blake on one hole, taking his club and doing it himself as he waited to tee off… so if it’s a good enough drill for a Division I college player – just saying…

Want to learn more about the MCS Golf Swing Theory? Try one of DJ’s “Secrets of the MCS”video shorts available via download.

hogan pivot

Or you can download the very latest MCS Golf Swing video “MCS – Perfect Pivot based on the flawless pivot action of Ben Hogan.

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    That is quite a swing sequence dj! I hope we will be seeing something like in the golf publications, much better than what they have on this month. Great work with the young man.


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