140 Lbs & 300+ Yard Drives? Leverage…

blake top seqIt’s all about technique, not brute muscle power, if you’re looking to increase your speed and distance in your golf swing.

I told you all about Blake’s specs – 5’10” and about 140 lbs (a generous estimate, he says himself on his mass), and how he was pumping out drive after drive over 300 yards – including the show-stopper, his 330+ yard pop from the Black (Tour) tee box, uphill and into the sea breeze on Torrey Pines South course’s 12th hole (Par 4, over 500 yards).

This is a hole that is the hardest rated hole on the card, and the one the pros least look forward to when they play the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey – and he demolished it, hitting his drive dead square in the fairway well past the hill rise and then half-swinging a 6 iron to the 179 yard flag.

A lipped-out birdie putt, and he turned it into a yawning par.

So what is it?

It’s the same thing that allows a 50 year old USPGA pro (Jerry “BT Crowell, naturally!) to swing at 120+ mph club impact speed, nearly 10 mph faster than when he was twenty years younger…

It’s natural leverage, of course.

blake top seq

Bearing in mind that he’s still got a little more refining to do with his model (he knows about the spinning foot post-impact, and we’ve discussed how he’ll get rid of it with the proper slide action), the following swings were taken from a practice round he played at the Golf Club at Rancho California:

blake elliot drvr

All we did was find an adjustment to his stance to accommodate his unusual physical variance (his right arm is nearly 2″ or 5 cm longer than his left arm), get his “perfect pivot” action going properly, and a couple of other things, to simply optimize his mechanics.

blake elliott 3w dtl

The results, as you might say, were spectacular – I don’t say this to demean the talented young college player (hey, Kyle!) with whom he played that day, but Blake was out-sized by a good 6″ (Kyle towered over me, and I’m 6’1″) and probably 100 lbs.

blake elliott 3w rev

Still, Kyle was swinging in the modern style and he’s no slouch off the tee, (hits a long, long power fade), but Blake hit it as far and past him all day long off the tee blocks.

His fearlessness in pumping those bombs dead down the middle was an awesome sight for me to behold, and I spent the whole day saying, “this is a joke…”

But back to my point – if Kyle were swinging in the same mechanically-correct manner as Blake, instead of his modern move – that kid would likely be nearing 400 yards on good pops.

I’m telling you, when people figure out how to swing with mechanically-correct model, something will have to be done, because the courses will become simply too short to challenge them.

‘Til then, I’ll enjoy watching guys like Blake pummel it and put it in the hole.

This Texan can golf his ball.

Now, he’s taking it back to his college tournament play – should be something to watch next season when he returns to McNeese State for his sophomore year.

Go, Cowboy!

4 thoughts on “140 Lbs & 300+ Yard Drives? Leverage…

  1. Laser

    Thanks for the butt-on view. The problem with face-on and DTL is that they only show the front of the body. That’s a problem. Of course, the whole body is used.

    Mentally, the back of the body has a place in the scheme of things, even if coordinated people don’t know it. Tom Watson said, “Turn your back to the target.” So, mentally he had some connection to the back of his body, or part of it.

    If I had to choose between the 3 views presented here, in order to learn something, I’d take the bottom one.

    As usual, great video work.

  2. Lance

    The thing I like most is the speed without looking like he’s killing himself. By the way DJ- I’m committing myself to doing the pivot drills in the Perfect Pivot vid in the evening, and the last couple of range sessions saw nice high irons and long penetrating woods.

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