Blake Shoots 73 On Torrey South…Wow…

Blake Behind 7 Green Torrey SouthI just followed Blake around Torrey Pines South course, where he shot a 1 over par 73 playing from mixed black and blue tees.

I would say he played 5 or 6 holes from the blue tees and the rest from the Black (Tour) tees.

In fact, he played the 4 hardest holes from the Blacks at -1…with a birdie on 18.

Blake Behind 7 Green Torrey South

Did I mention it was his 1st time ever playing it and that, with a 7:40am tee off, he was playing blind the first 6 holes?

That’s correct, blind! You could not see the fairways from the tees, nor the greens from the fairways, for the first 6 holes due to the heavy fog enveloping the course.

It was, “Pick a line , hit and hope,” and this kid made the turn at even par…

He simply overpowered the course, in my opinion, and would have been well below par playing in the conditions in which we finished (sunny and much drier by noon time).

The highlight?

The par four #12 Hole is without a doubt the hardest when they play the Farmers Insurance Open, at over 500 yards, uphill and into a healthy ocean breeze.

It was about 514 from where Blake and Kyle (the college player who invited him to play) teed off on the back edge of the Black tee.

Blake cranked an approximately 335 yard drive up over the hill rise and proceeded to smooth a 6 iron with 179 to the flag, to about 15 feet. He lipped out the bird on the high side.

Blake’s 6 Iron To the Par Four 12th Hole

Afterwards Kyle said drily to him, “A lot of pros would pay a LOT of money for those two shots on a Sunday here…”

No kidding.

As I said…overpowering…

That bogey on 10… he was playing Kyle match and whacked at a 30″ or so par putt after it was “good,” and it missed. ┬áHe takes his time… could have been a legit even-par round, but we’ll count the miss for a still-73!

Blake’s Scorecard – Torrey Pines South Course


Driving home now, I will post Blake’s 6 iron on 12 in the comments shortly.

PS – I played one hole…18. Hit my drive into the right rough, topped a 3 iron trying to work the ball around the trees, but hit a nice PW out of the rough at 154 from the hole which spun back to the front edge…and 3 putted for bogey.

On Torrey South playing it cold? I’ll take it!



3 thoughts on “Blake Shoots 73 On Torrey South…Wow…

  1. D Watts Post author

    Blake Elliott of McNeese State hits a smooth 6 iron 2nd shot on 12 at Torrey Pines South course after a 335 yard drive…

  2. Lance

    Imagine how good this kid can get! DJ- this is a testament to you sticking to your guns on what you believe is the true way to swing a club! Good job to the both of you and the hard work put in by both parties. go warriors

  3. D Watts Post author

    Thanks Laser, but the credit goes to Blake for getting the job done.

    I am willing to take the fall if things go south, but I give full credit to the one hitting the shots when success is achieved.

    I am content to point the way and to let the player garner the accolades – they are the ones playing.

    Good job, Blake!

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