66 Practice Round At Rancho California?!?

received_1041185075962623That’s right. It’s an unoffical 6 under 66 (you have to stroke every one to say it’s officical) because we were working on the swing and shot selection, and he didn’t putt out a couple of gimme’s as we headed to the next hole (18 holes in a little over 2.5 hrs).

Still, even if he’d missed them, he shoots an iron-clad 68 on a 7,000 yard setup the day after we worked on some specialy shots.

Probably 7,100-7,200 yards because he hit every tee shot from the back of the black tees with one foot in the rough, practically.

He made one bogey after driving through one fairway, second shot 6″ above the ground in a shrub, just short of the green, pitch to 5″ and lipping out the par putt.

And this was swinging easy and “bunting” the driver 300-320 yards on average.

All he did was hit a small bucket working some fades and flighted shots, and off to Rancho California without one chip or putt struck before the 1st tee shot – which by the way was a par 5 that he reached in two after a mammoth blast and a 4 iron, and easy 2-putted to start the round off with bird…

Blake Warms Up For Rancho California


Some golden shots like the 230 yard 4 iron to the par 3 tenth to six feet for birdie, and other than a flier wedge over one green (up and down for par) and an over-drawn 3 iron into the greenside bunker on his 2nd shot approach to a par 5 on the back 9 (splash out, 2-putt par), he struck the ball magnificently – how about 16 G.I.R? 29 putts… and no short game work in a week, other than playing…

On the par 5 17th hole, he came up just short in the front bunker because he doesn’t yet have a 5w and had to hit 3 iron into a stiff breeze from about 225 out – he hit a spinner about 35 yards in the air that took one bounce and then yanked back a foot, the ball coming to rest 30-36″ from the hole as I let out a roar and Tiger-pumped with glee (I was on the green watching, about 20′ from the hole).

That was one putt I gave him, but as I said, he misses the two gimme’s and it’s still a 68 – not to mention he felt he left 3-4 strokes on the table at round’s end.

My work here is done, and the consultation was a rousing success.  I can fly home on Saturday knowing he is solid as a rock (after I follow him around Torrey Pines tomorrow, of course), and that he has all summer to groove that swing and get back to his already-excellent short game.

I asked him if, should the season be starting again next week, did he feel ready?

“Oh, yeah!” he said, grinning in the cart as we drove back to the clubhouse.  He’s ready NOW, and has until August to do nothing more than get even better.

MCS, my friends.

And with that, I’ll probably post again with pics and video when we return from our early morning round at Torrey South.

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2 thoughts on “66 Practice Round At Rancho California?!?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Can’t say, David – we’ve been working on form, shaping, etc. and he’s gaining power and speed daily.

      Hes obviously in the 120’s but I don’t believe in trying to hit numbers.

      You can drive it longer than someone who has higher club speed by getting better impact and launch specs.

      He’s plus 2 on attactk angle, so he will launch it, regardless of speed.

      This is a swing with some #’s from before I came down…


      For those interested, he’ll be back in Texas in 3 wks and will be getting tested to better customize his equipment…we’ll know then what his club speed is! 🙂

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