“Uncharted Territory” The Future of Golf

received_1040514279363036The quote in the post title is what I was saying last evening during the consultation with Blake and his father.

We had gone out earlier in the day for a round of golf at Temecula Creek Inn, where I saw a display of power that left me shaking my head.

I mean, what else do you do when you watch a college kid who weighs 140 lbs driving the ball 370 yards? Because that’s what happended yesterday.

McNeese St’s Blake Elliott (With Dad & DJ)


It was more a “check out the adjustments” day and Blake still scored a 2 under 70 in a round that included a 2 iron into water off the tee (when Driver would have taken all the water out of play) and a putt-off-the-green, downhill and downwind on a hole that was running 2-3 faster on the Stimp due to the exposed location on a windy day.

No excuses – it was “over par” in both our minds, on a course where his par is 67 or 68.  He was striking the ball beautifully and only hit 50% fairway because he simply overpowered the course.

We still have some work to do this week on some controlled shaped tee shots, but when you have a player who drove the ball hole-high left on a 370 yard par 4 into the wind – if I thought his 369 yard drive the day before was a one-off…he did it again yesterday.

The “big miss” is largely a bad memory from the past – he did hit a couple left (including the 2i) when he forgot his adjustment which will become natural in due time, but he was fearless off the tee even with trouble left.

I told both he and his dad Trey last evening that we are truly in uncharted territory.  I have never personally played with or met someone who could out-power me, and even though we’re halfway through the week, I could see yesterday that I can’t keep up with this kid.

We’re about even with irons, which is great for figuring out strategy together over a shot, etc, but he was confusing me with the lines he chose for his drives – until the ball was in the air and he was nonchalantly picking up his tee.

It was a day of watching his ball take off and thinkng “Uh oh…” only to see that he was blowing his drives over ALL and sundry trouble spots – the course was simply too short to threaten him.

550 yard par 5 hole? Driver-4 iron to the front and a two-putt birdie with a yawn… oh my… that’s stuff DJ was doing at 27, at 6’1″ and 195 lbs…

And we’re 3 days into retooling his swing.  He hasn’t practiced his putting or short game since I landed, as of course this week was a swing work week.  And still under par on a course where he’d played one 9 once years ago and never before on the other 9…

I know what I can do swinging, and I’ve seen what Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell can now do with his swing at 50 yrs of age – I am now seeing what an athletically gifted young man can do with a mechanically-correct swing, and he looks to be the proto-type of another game-changing generation.

And I told his dad last night, “I’m in awe…”

This is going to get interesting.

Great work, Blake!



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  1. Chief Cowpie

    I think Blake doesn’t have to hit the books too hard anymore cuz he’s going to make it on tour. If I was him, I would just focus on girls and golf for my remaining days in college.

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