Working With A College Level Golfer – Interesting!

received_1038889276192203As I mentioned yesterday, this trip to California was to consult with a friend and Wax Member’s son (Blake), who is a Division I college player just finishing his freshman year at MvcNeese State and who was looking for more consistency in his golf swing.

We’ve been working on his stance and mechanics, and Day 2 into it, I saw some impressive things.

I don’t get impressed much watching people hit balls. I have enjoyed watching Big Toilet play and hit balls, and I told him today that if we can Blake anywhere near his technique with regards to the swing mechanics – I can’t even predict what he’ll do with the ball at that point.

We took it to the course today after a couple or more hours on the range, and this is the beautiful thing about MCS – the standard model is all you need, after which you can introduce myriad variations for playing actual golf.

This is the thing about playing golf versus just hitting balls, as players know – you will almost never get the same level lies on the course (except for your tee shots, of course), so it is crucial to have a good base model from which to work when you begin hitting balls from all sorts of lies.

Blake Working On His MCS Setup



We were on a mountain course today, which means you will almost assuredly not get a level lie once you’re off the tee.



It was a good day.

Among the highlights were a 360 yard drive B smashed into a healthy breeze against on the par 5 seventh hole, and a smooth cut-off 7 iron to the par 3 third hole – he flew it 185 yards into a silght breeze… he has no shortage of power with the MCS swing model, and it seems he will be re-calibrating his distances all summer.

I have vide that I will share later, but right now I have some dinner to eat, and I’m looking forward to a good ol Texas style woodsmoked barbequed brisket tomorrow!

I’ll bid you all good evening and I have this tidbit to share – we may be playing a round of golf this coming Friday on the Torrey Pines South course – if you aren’t familiar with it, that’s the course upon which Tiger Woods wons his 14th and last major, the ’08 U.S. Open.

Shaping up to be an interesting week!

More to come.


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  1. David

    Great update DJ. After watching Trey, I see where Blake gets that pop. Go get em you guys.

    1. D Watts Post author

      A highy competitive and athletic combination of genes there, DK – and congrats on making the NBA Finals.

      Looks like your opponent will be…who knows? 😉

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