DJ’s Off To San Diego

boeingI am off to the San Diego for a week, my friends.

I will be consulting with a client whose son has landed a Division I golf scholarship, and if things work out, an already solid young player should have an MCS-ized swing ro go with all that game!

I will update this posting upon arrival, and it should be an interesting week!

Have a great weekend, Wax Nation!


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hogan pivot

Or you can download the very latest MCS Golf Swing video “MCS – Perfect Pivot based on the flawless pivot action of Ben Hogan.

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11 thoughts on “DJ’s Off To San Diego

    1. D Watts Post author

      Looks like Torrey Pines South is a go for Friday…lots of work to do before then!

      After hitting the range directly from the airport and standing in the sun all day…time for a few Rolling Rocks and bed.

    1. bigtoilet

      I guess if he’s gonna do the old make four 20 footers a round and a couple of chip ins, bank off trees back into the fairway tee shots…..He’s gonna win!!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Aye, humbray, ’tis…

      But I would query thee – should a man be #2 in the world with only half of a game of which to speak?

  1. major tom

    going back to at least tiger woods, golf has become the game of “scramble,” miss the fairway and then get it in the hole…

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