Bryson DeChambeau M.I.A.

bryson dechambeau addressThat deafening sound is the media silence that has descended on the coverage of the “Game-Changer” and “Future of Golf” wunderkind otherwise known as Bryson DeChambeau.

Again, as with Jordan Spieth, my intention is not bash or attack Bryson, for whom I feel a good deal of compassion – after all of that hype and attention approaching the ’16 Masters and the end of his amateur career, he has completely lost whatever mojo he had to garner that focus.

Currently, in his 5 pro starts since the Masters, DeChambeau has finished T4, MC, MC, MC and again this week, MC.

Yes, that’s one Top-5 finish followed by 4 consecutive missed cuts.

And the media has buried him deeper than Jimmy Hoffa.

The first MC doesn’t count towards his 7 sponsor invites as he was eligible for that tourney based on the previous week’s top-10 or better finish.

Since then, he’s fallen off the map.  He has 3 remaining sponsor invites for the year and won’t qualify for any other events if he doesn’t make the money requirement… and then it’s Q-School and possibly the Tour next season…

I don’t know what the deal is, so I can offer no opinion, other than he’s not getting it done.

bryson dechambeau address

And sadly, the golf media is as detached from reality as they have been in dealing with other struggling stars like Spieth and Tiger Woods before him.

I read this CBSSports online article by Kyle Porter, for example, with something akin to utter amazement.

I don’t know what on earth Porter is talking about when discussing DeChambeau, but let me give you a few gems and my response to Big T earlier today:

The phrase that stood out to to me came from friend of the blog Tron Carter — that DeChambeau “compresses” the golf ball. After walking with him at Colonial on Thursday, I can confirm the validity of this statement.

But it wasn’t the ball flight or the length of his drives or anything like that that stood out to me. It was the sound.

Oh, do tell, Kyle…

The best way I can describe the sound DeChambeau’s driver makes when it connects with his golf ball is that it reminds me of the noise a watermelon makes when it hits the ground from the top of a three story building. He thumps it…

…It seems unfair that somebody who has molded his career around being accurate can be this long as well.

That’s about all I will give you. You can read the rest of this eye-opening hosanna by following the link.

But I had a couple of thoughts for Big T.

“So BD’s contact makes a sound like no other?” I asked him.  “Did you know, Jerry, that he’s currently averaging 290 yards on his drives, which would put him at roughly 75th in driving distance on Tour?”

I’m just wondering what sound the 74 guys who would be driving it longer than DB on average would be making at impact. They must be green with envy.

So, that must be some sound. But come on…

It seems unfair that somebody who has molded his career around being accurate can be this long as well

First of all, what career are we talking about?  He just turned pro last month…

And long?

As in, around 75th in driving distance long?

And accuracy?

Currently at 56% and 59% in Fairways and Greens hit?

Just to point out, Bryson had enough rounds played, his 56% driving accuracy would have him around 105th on Tour, and 59% Greens hit in regulation… around 195th

You’ll all forgive me if I engage in some conspiracy theory here in stating that this article must surely have been written about someone else, and someone needed an article on DeChambeau toot-sweet.

Either that or someone’s editor was asleep at deadline, because that article has no connection to any reality I know.

Again, this ain’t about DeChambeau, but about the sad state of Modern Golf.

And what do we have teed up for the weekend?

Only a player with no swing, currently in 4th place, and getting ready for a weekend run at a title…on Ben Hogan’s stomping grounds.

Surely, the wee mon is weeping…

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6 thoughts on “Bryson DeChambeau M.I.A.

  1. Jess Leung

    Watts, I read this article but I don’t understand what is a sponsor invite and what do a rookie need to do to stay in the PGA Tour? May you give me an explanation?

    1. D Watts Post author

      As a player with no status on Tour, one is only permitted to accept invites from sponsors to play in up to 7 tournaments. You can play in more with good performances, as a Top 10 finish qualifies one for the next week’s event without using a sponsor invite.

      That’s why you’ve only seen John Daly a few times a year since he lost his card.

      Tiger Woods went that way, and earned his card by winning two of the 7 tournaments in which he played after turning pro in ’96.

  2. buddhabob

    if you are young and are deemed to have sex appeal in any sport you will be packaged and sold, this is all. Especially in golf where you have the likes of a Patrick Reed,etc. they are desperate to move product by finding anyone they can stick a brand on and move. A basic law.

  3. Ken Joersz

    He does have an impressive resume being an U.S. Amateur and NCAA champion. That, in addition to his impressive Masters and Heritage performance, makes him worth marketing. However, it’s a big leap when you decide to play golf for a living. He ran on adrenaline for awhile. Now the real work begins. We’ll see if he can rebound.

    We’ve all seen “can’t miss” amateurs enter the professional ranks only to disappoint. When the PGA Tour says “these guys are good” they aren’t kidding. The competition is fierce and I wish him luck. He would be good for the PGA Tour if he succeeds but it’s a big “if”.

    By the way, if he is going to be a professional, he should talk to the media after a poor performance. Ignoring the media is an “amateur” move. But he’s young. He’ll learn. I hope.

  4. Mike Divot

    I wonder if Bryson is going to be another of these wunderkinds who have worked out how to play winning golf in spite of having a swing that will win no awards in Golf Digest (until he does win a tourney in which case it will be held up as containing all the secrets of length, accuracy, etc etc etc).

    They work out, in their own way, the essence of golf. Get the ball in the hole. Using their own resources and ability, they get get real good at it.

    They start on tour and show some promise and then the “experts” get in their ear. “I notice you aren’t pronating your dorsis minoris at P6.25!”

    “Are your myelins firing?”

    And before they know it, they’re thinking about all kinds of stuff they never thought about before, when they were just playing golf.

    And suddenly they’re playing “golf swing”. Or “gotta qualify this Monday if I want to eat”. Or “visit to the physiotherapist”. Or “visit to the surgeon”.

    I am reminded of the O’Hair guy who got waylaid by these (well meaning?) advisors but managed to put all that behind him to just “play golf” again.

    Spieth has done a pretty good job of staying on top of the brain fog considering his coach looks like he’s infected with the paralysis by analysis bug.

    Let’s hope Bryson can rise above it and show us how he can play golf, without interference.

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