Golf Channel’s Martin Hall Nearly Nails The MCS Stance

Martin HallBig T sent me this clip showing Martin Hall of The Golf Channel almost nailing the MCS “Leaning A” address stance.

Not only that, he used a similar concept to do it that you’ve watched in the “Secrets of MCS” video short “5 Minutes of MCS” and the full-length “MCS – Perfect Pivot video.

I mean, how close is he below to the face-on MCS stance?

Martin Hall

Martin Hall Talks About A Mechanically-Correct Stance

Now, of course, the ensuing swing is a planted-heel modern action, but that stance is very mechanically sound for making a golf swing, as we all know.

This would certainly be the death knell for the Stack & Tilt models of swinging, because we all  know that you can only look at the back of the ball and do that “touch-the-knee” thing from a right-tilted or right-biased stance.

dj addr

The logical and correct  conclusion, then, is that stances with vertical or left-biased positions in the spine – are simply not mechanically correct.

Tiger Woods and his broken back can now attest to that conclusion, and although it’s doubtful he’ll ever return to play any meaningful golf, he won’t be playing it for long if he comes back with another Foley/Como Special in his stance.

And of course, the greatest of all time, Jack Nicklaus, is all the proof you need:




4 thoughts on “Golf Channel’s Martin Hall Nearly Nails The MCS Stance

  1. Chief Cowpie

    As my accounting professor often said when a student said they were close to the correct answer, “Close is only good in horseshoes and hand grenades.” Nearly is close but anyone who is putting pressure on leading foot to keep it planted throughout backswing severely jeopardizes their health.

  2. Chief Cowpie

    As we often read in your blogs performance and health are perfectly compatible in the MCS system as opposed to Modern Swing where performance is possible only until the detrimental effects of that swing create injury.

    1. D Watts Post author

      That’s correct, Chief. It drives me crazy to hear people say, “Injuries are the price to pay for playing golf in the modern age…”

      Yes, it is – if you use that ridiculous method of swinging. Swinging in mechanically-sound manner, you should be playing injury-free golf as long as you can walk.

      Call me crazy – I prefer the 2nd way. So did Snead, Nelson, Hogan, Watson, Nicklaus…

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