When You Get The “Perfect Pivot” Going…

mcsppI would ask everyone who is viewing their downloaded “MCS – Perfect Pivot video to take a look at one of the sweetest moves you’ll see when it comes to a golf swing pivot.

After myself, Jerry “BT” Crowell, PGA would be the person who is the most acquainted with the principles of the “floating pivot” move that Ben Hogan perfected and which I built into the MCS swing model a couple of years ago at Jerry’s request.

So, if you want to compare your own swing to someone’s when it comes to a Classic Golf Swing, especially MCS – go with the Big Toilet, and you can see his pivot move below, with a wedge, iron and the driver.

BT Hits Wedge

bt wedge

Just look at that pure shoulder rotation around the C7 (or the head, if you prefer that visual) – when you’re in proper position and make that pivot move, it is sweet, is it not?

BT – Iron Swing

bt iron

These are swings taken on the course at Goose Creek G.C. last January when I was in So-Cal to work on his swing and carry his bag at the Farmers Insurance Open Qualifier (which you’ll remember he missed out on by 2 strokes).

BT –  Driver

Bt Driver

You’ll notice (if you haven’t already) that it is essentially the same swing and pivot action for all three clubs, from wedge to Driver.

I want to thank everyone for their patience in allowing me to complete the video – when you think of everything that could have gone wrong to cause delays, I am just happy that you all have your video to view and start getting into that Perfect Pivot action!

And no, you won’t find this action in any other golf swing model or learn it from any other swing instructor out there – because if you could have, you’d already be swinging this way.

Ben Hogan’s Awesome Pivot

ben hogan swing

Ben Hogan had the key, and it’s a shame that the Modern Golf industry has so completely mangled the explanations of how he performed his pivot.

Luckily for us, Jerry took one look at the Wax Golf “Ben Hogan Project” and said to me back in August of 2014, “DJ, I want that pivot!”

From there, MCS moved from simply a concept of how to swing with mechanical-correctness, to what we have now – the simplest, mechanically-correct action you can use to pivot in your golf swing.

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16 thoughts on “When You Get The “Perfect Pivot” Going…

  1. Laser

    “the Modern Golf industry has so completely mangled the explanations”

    –And the problem was film & video. That’s the demarcation line between classic and modern. I’m sure that their intentions were good…they wanted to be “scientific.” (Well, video is great at exposing what ISN’T happening.)

    What IS happening? Well, for me it isn’t “shoulders.” It reminds me of a former long-drive champ who had a blog. For him, it was all about “shoulders rotating around the spine.” But, after teaching that without success, one day he noticed a flaw–“you get no lift.”

    So, there you have it from a great swinger: shoulders might be a result, but they don’t CAUSE a good swing. Probably some other things that make shoulders a death-move for me are that 1) there are 3 definitions of “shoulder,” and 2) the shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body. You can get lots of shoulder movement without any athletic foundation.

  2. Starr Collins

    Just a quick comment,

    I saw the video last night and it was great at solidifying the floating pivot concept with more detailed information.

    The cog and gear explanation with the lower and upper body was brilliant. That image alone was a key.

    I have been working on the MCS floating pivot since the Hogan Project came out and it is like a secret weapon for me.

    It is just “how” I swing now and since I first started with it my golf swing just keep getting more and more consistent until it never really leaves me anymore like it once did.

    Even when I show up straight from the parking lot rushing to the first tee for my once a weekend round, I know with my floating pivot I am going to stripe one down the middle, no warm ups, no worries.

    I owe that confidence and quiet satisfaction to you and your swing research. Thanks DJ

  3. David

    DJ, even though I was present at much of the video collection I am still seeing things “for the first time”.

    Your description of the release is spot on. Had to try it on the course this morning without hitting a ball as Star mentioned. The ball jumped off the club even more so than before.

    I sense a distance problem again, the good kind, tooooo far. It was fun hitting irons a club longer. I don’t think it is all weather related either.

    Thanks again for this gem.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Good to know you’re still getting something out of the work we did down there, DK!

      Starr commented earlier on that “cog effect” concept, I remember you were fond of that one as well. Looks like MCS “Perfect Pivot” has another concept or two to deliver to Wax Nation that hits the mark! Thanks for everything.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Not help, but rather health, Humbray – our starting center is out with a sprained ankle from the Heat series. I’m not expecting them to beat these Cavs – we had 4th best record and are one of the last 4 teams remaining. I am happy with that provided we build on it.

      Regardless, LeBron is too strong, and the Cavs are finding another gear – the Finals will be a fight, whomever comes out of the West!

      I told DKondo I would cheer for the Cavs once they are in the Finals. That hasn’t changed, but they’re not there yet! 😉

      BTW I had the root canal filled yesterday, good as new. Need a crown before the year is out however so I’m not quite finished, but the immediate concern is alleviated.

      Have a great weekend Humbray!

  4. Laser

    “Cavs are finding another gear”

    –Seems like they’ve put individualism aside and are now working as a team…just like body parts are supposed to do in a golf swing.

  5. humbray

    DJ, Having worked all week and since it rained all day, I finally had chance to watch the Pivot series. All great coaches make sure their players know the basics before moving on to new concepts. What a pleasant surprise it was reviewing all the fundamentals and then getting into the pivot material.


    Thanks for taking your time and nailing the video. I have been struggling with leverage and power with the driver and after watching video can’t wait to get on it tomorrow. Great job DJ

    1. D Watts Post author

      Humbray, thanks for the kind words, I was watching the Raptors-Cavs game and forgot to respond until this morning – I did notice you hadn’t downloaded the video right away, but I’m glad you enjoyed it when you had some time.

      I think the way the video is laid out follows a logical progression of getting the fundamentals before even starting the swinging – that’s what we do in all other sports! 😉

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