Tiger Woods Rinses 3 Wedge Shots

twShades of Jordan Spieth – did anyone catch Tiger Woods dumping 3 balls in a row with a wedge from 100 yards, while doing some promo work for the upcoming Quicken Loans National?

It wasn’t pretty, and I do remember saying last year that TW was likely done playing competitive golf (I believe the post title was “Stick A Fork In Him”) – 3 back surgeries in 18 months will bring that prediction from me, every time…

It is a shame, because you can lay all of this at the feet of the Modern Golf Swing, because that’s exactly what “done him in,” so to speak.  You can’t swing for power and speed with a left-biased swing model.

Well, of course, TW showed that you can – but you can also break your back doing so, and I believe we’re seeing the proof in the pudding – I was saying this years ago when he first took up with Sean Foley and I got a look at that swing model.


It is cringe-worthy, to say the least – the audio alone shows that he was not comfortable at all, hitting those shots.

I will remind you all that a bad back is not, nor should it be, an impediment to playing golf with a proper, classic golf swing.

I recounted the tale a few months back about having twinged my lower back leaning awkwardly to one side while watching TV, yet how just 3 days later, I was pumping out 300+ yard drives down in Arizona – even while I couldn’t touch my toes or pick up a tee because of the pain.

But that’s because I swing in the Classic Golf Swing style, enough said.

So, if Tiger is waiting for his back to recover sufficiently for him to keep rubber-banding that modern swing move – he’s already toast.

Incredibly enough, Tiger is saying he wants to play in this upcoming event!

From Kyle Porter cbssports online:

“On a serious note, I have been practicing at home. I’m progressing nicely. I’m hoping to play [the Quicken Loans National]. I don’t know that I’m going to play.

Uh… yeah.

I’ll be waiting to see that.

But from what we saw yesterday – I wouldn’t advise holding your breath.




3 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Rinses 3 Wedge Shots

  1. Laser

    It looked like TW was taking a page from the Haney system…trying to get a pretty finish.

    It might be a case of being mentally confused, to accompany the physical problems.

    1. D Watts Post author

      They were not good swings. Aside from that, I have no clue what he’s up to…

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